Okay.... I'm gonna toss this out there. I need current info on online stripper stores. I find that many of the links in the Sticky Post are a little dated, there are more than a few bad links.

Cat Dancerz--- http://catdancerz.com

Good: Fast reliable shipping (with free shipping for orders over $100). A huge selection of items. The prices are very reasonable.

Bad: You can't search for things according to the brand. The search results show up as item numbers rather than pictures which can be a pain to check through all of them. No sign of J. Valentine or Hot Sauce Style clothing. Items ALWAYS show up as "view all" so slower connections may be bogged down.

Flirt--- http://www.flirtcatalog.com/

Good: Great stuff, fairly priced, high quality items. Clothes that I can't find anywhere else. Their pages have the "View All" option, thus making Browsing way easy!

Bad: Shipping is expensive (especially if you order shoes/boots) and they aren't exactly the quickest place to order from. Meaning things can take up to 3 months to arrive. Orders often arrive in multiple shipments randomly.

Hints: They occasionally offer free shipping. Their Sale items ship right away.

OD Girl--- http://www.odgirl.com

Good: They ship fast and have a good selection of items. Their search function is really helpful. They also offer gift cards, which is pretty cool.

Bad: Hitting "Next Page" 15 times annoys me. Their Sale section isn't updated often so items that appear are often regular price, not in stock, or don't exist. The sale section is also not organized at all.

Snaz 75--- http://snaz75.com

Good: A great resource for all things shoe! I like them based on the sheer magnitude of the selection. Free shipping is offered, and it often takes less than two weeks. They recently expanded into exoticwear and lingerie. The clothing items they offer are mix-n-matchable, dirt cheap, and of good solid quality. The perfect place for newbie dancers!

Bad: The search function is a little too broad... you'll get a bazillion results, but it is interestingly organized with little colored squares telling you if the item contains the entire phrase you searched, or only one of the words. The Sale shoes used to be incredibly cheap... 75% off at times! Now they have scaled back on such generosity. Things in the sale section are more likely to be 20%-30% off.

Hints: You can tell the brand of the shoes/boots by the first two letters in the item number. PL= Pleaser, EL= Ellie, TS= Tony Shoes, D= Demonia....etc. Also, if you're really close to the $75 needed for free shipping, grab a thong or a pair of thigh highs to push the balance over the $75 mark.

Wicked Temptations--- http://www.wickedtemptations.com

Good: Affordable things to begin with. They also offer a Low Price Guarantee. They ship very quickly. A whole lot of shiny metallic fabric items.

Bad: Selection is somewhat limited. Very few gowns The Sale section is broken down into too many categories-- 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%,and 60% off... then it's broken down into WT Collections, Other Collections, etc. Things are also organized by the material they are made from.

Hints: Their lingerie runs a little small. If you are on the fence with sizing you will probably want to go up a size when purchasing. I am a 34-C, I'm better with their 34-D, I usually wear M panties... for me L's are more comfy, and so on.