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Thread: no VIP, no Champagne rooms.

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    Default no VIP, no Champagne rooms.

    so my new club doesnt have VIP or champagne rooms-no other way to make money other than basic topless $20 lap dances and stage tips.
    Would it be wrong of me to come up with other ways for me to make money, like tell the custy "hey, if you want to pay me $100, I can be yours for the next half hour" or something like that? Would that be wrong since the club itself doesnt officially offer that?
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    Default Re: no VIP, no Champagne rooms.

    There is nothing wrong with that at all. If you were dancing for more than five songs though in that half hour, then it might get a little shady, as some girls might find out and feel you are under-cutting them. I might start with charging $100, and once you get used to selling blocks of time for that amount, I'd seriously up it because you can get more than that.

    Your wording for the hustle is superb, by the way.

    There have been other recent links in hustle hut on this same situation so it might pay to look around a little bit. I'd do it for you, but i'm too tired atm.
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    Default Re: no VIP, no Champagne rooms.

    Yes, you can have them pay you for your time. In my experience, the money potential becomes more limited when there's no vip rooms.. the other dancers might be using the same hustle. Most of the money you make will be from the $20 dances, just try to get them to tip you afterwards, they add up in the end.

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    Default Re: no VIP, no Champagne rooms.

    Yep, I used to do that type of thing, even with rooms available, I'd make more money this way....

    (like a room would cost 350 an hour minimum for the custy. I could charge 300, and get more then I would for the room)

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    Default Re: no VIP, no Champagne rooms.

    Quote Originally Posted by AznExtasy View Post
    Most of the money you make will be from the $20 dances, just try to get them to tip you afterwards, they add up in the end.

    Yep... a lot of my 'extra' money comes from the dance tips I get along the way. Always bring up the fact to the custy that you should be tipped along with the price of the dance(s). It really does add up later.

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