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Thread: what the hell is this

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    Default what the hell is this

    I just started get emails that say soandso wants to be your loyal fan. go to or something like that. What is that i never signed up for it and i don't want any fans i don't get it.

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    Default Re: what the hell is this

    Beware. About a year ago I was on MySpace, where I rarely go anymore, and this thing at the top said 'Someone has a crush on you' or some such rot. 'Click here to find out who', so like an idiot I clicked. Then you have to sign up to see what it's all about, and they ask you for your phone number.

    Like a fucking idiot I started to sign up, but never found out who had a 'crush' on me, because they didn't fucking exist.

    Then a couple months later I see my phone is suddenly out of minutes when I had just put money in it (I use 'Pay As You Go'). Come to find out these motherfuckers were taking like 20-25$ out of my phone account every month, for the privilege of being able to 'Bid for Prizes' or some such bullshit. I finally canceled the contract, or whatever it was that allowed them to rob me.

    I was so pissed off I called my cell phone company and asked them why they allowed people to steal my fucking money like that. Naturally this did no good at all.

    Apparently robbery is legal in the USA, if you do it online.
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    Default Re: what the hell is this

    it's called SPAM. there's a handy button that says "delete."

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    Default Re: what the hell is this

    I've been getting those fanmail ones too

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