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Thread: BN Rosa Cha Brazilian Bikini and BN Red Carter South Beach Bathing Suit

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    Default BN Rosa Cha Brazilian Bikini and BN Red Carter South Beach Bathing Suit

    I collect bikinis and have decided to sell some of my collection.
    I have two brand new designer,high end bathing suits.
    The Rosa Cha is from Brazil and is a very cool yellow bikini with charms.
    The Red Carter South Beach bikini is a very cool orange one piece,not
    your traditional once piece,its super sexy called a MONOKINI.

    These are one of a kind and super unique,will be very hard to find.
    Please PM if interested I can then email you pics.

    Both are size SMALLS, I would lean more toward EXTRA SMALL/SMALL.
    Rosa Cha runs small. The Red Carter comes with its own bag with a disco
    ball rhinestone zipper pull. These are uber luxe bathing suits.
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