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Thread: Newbie in SF?

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    Default Newbie in SF?

    I'm going to SF to visit friends and I'm hoping to work a little while I'm there. I've never danced before, though, and I've been reading all the posts I can find about the clubs there, most of which say all of SF is kind of sleazy and super competitive.

    So...should I try to work there? I'm not completely naive about extras and stuff and the ways of guys and the world, but I've never danced before and I don't want my first experience to leave a bad taste in my mouth . And if it's really that bad, are there any clubs I can get to from there that are any better?

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    Any SF questions, just PM me.

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    Don't let people scare you off. I was freaking out before I went to SF because of all the horror stories I've read on here about how SF clubs are dirty and there's no money to be made...

    ...and then I got there and felt stupid for worrying. The club I worked at was great, I made good money (without extras), no worries.

    Same thing happened re: NYC. I had wanted to try working there for awhile, but all I kept reading on here was about how it's so dirty and there's so much competition and the clubs are always dead, and how Manhattan clubs will eat you alive and take all your money, and how the customers are all horrible and cheap and rude, and how it's impossible to get hired anywhere in Manhattan...

    ...same deal. A girl from my home club came back from working in NYC and actually had positive things to say about it, so I finally just said "screw it, I'm going to check this out for myself". And I ended up getting hired right away at my first-choice club and making good money and liking it.

    If you poke around on SW, you can find negative reviews of just about every club and every city out there. Don't believe everything you hear, and don't let fear psych you out or hold you back. Find out for yourself. I hope you have a blast and make $$$ in SF!

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