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    Default Best web design

    I'm looking for some inspiration for a website I'm working on. What websites do you all love the design of? What do you like about the design? What do you not like?

    This could be websites of individual entertainers, models, actresses or even pole studios. I'm open to hearing ideas from everyone, so let me know.

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    Default Re: Best web design

    Viva VanStory,a pin up photographer has the coolest site at it's bold,colorful,sexy,fun and it's ANIMATED. A German artist does it. I think he does Shannon Brooks site,too. Cheers,Harlow
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    Default Re: Best web design

    Clean, FAST, to the point, no flash ( because it's not fast ) .

    Concise info, super organized , no long text ( there should be a spot to click if I want to learn more not long pages of text ), and sites with PHOTOS. I like that sites that clearly SHOW exactly what you are getting.

    Fast is very, very , very important to me . Even with my cable connection, if I see a timer loading ..... sometimes I don't even stay on the site.

    However ....... I'm giving you a perspective on what I want to see when I'm buying something! I don't look at a lot of model websites, so maybe your customers would be willing to put up with slower downloads ect. since you already have a "captured" market.

    Harlows recommendation is good. It has small animated parts that don't slow it down.

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