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Thread: Cheetah NYC Drama-Rama

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    Default Cheetah NYC Drama-Rama

    So I'm trolling SCL to see what the pervs are posting about my neighborhood clubs and I stumble onto this little gem...

    "If anyone has ever been sexually harassed by the owner of Cheetahs named Larry Gribler please contact me at this email address as we already have 4 people prepared along with an attorney to start a class action lawsuit against him and his club. We have two people with actual recordings of his degrading sexual comments and enuendos against both men and women. Please don't be afraid as you're information will be kept confidential. Email you're info to [email protected]"

    Apparently, it's plastered on at least half a dozen other comment pages (Manhattan clubs mostly). I dunno how legitimate it is or whether it will go anywhere but hey....

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    Default Re: Cheetah NYC Drama-Rama


    Assuming it's genuine, as people have gone in 'wired' to record conversations, it looks like an individual or lawyer has scented a chance to win large damages.

    However both the sentence structure (over long) and the grammar (you're instead of your) make me wonder if it's not lawyers, but someone trying to make the said Larry Gribler anxious.


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