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Thread: G-Strings for Men?

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    Default G-Strings for Men?

    I couldn't post this under the stripping section (because I been a bad rebellious guy on this board) so I'll post it here instead..

    I have a job to do tomorrow and I'm being paid a generous amount per hour to wear a g-string whilst serving drinks. I think 95% of my customers will be strippers (ouch!).

    Now... I have no idea about these things.. are there g-strings for guys specifically? I'm not going to wear a female g-string for obvious reasons... but I'm wondering if theres any for guys? if so.. which brand is best?

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    go to a local sex shop, like priscillas, if there are any. they should definitely have some male g strings.

    i don't know about brands. pick the one you feel the most comfortable wearing/think will look and fit the best.
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