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Thread: Updates in the Cleveland area? Need to choose a club!

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    Default Updates in the Cleveland area? Need to choose a club!

    I did a search but most of the threads are old... I don't need a place that's bank (haha as if that's possible the way the economy is now) but somewhere where it's possible to make a decent living.

    I'm especially interesting in places that do good during the dayshift. I've been inside a few clubs: Christie's, most of the Brookpark clubs, and the Horse club in Cleveland (Crazy, Gold, Platinum... can't remember which). I haven't had a chance to get into Diamond's yet, so I'm curious how it is.

    Any and all info would be greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: Updates in the Cleveland area? Need to choose a club!

    I have never worked day shift in CLE, but i have some friends who did. Gold horse is the one in downtown cleveland btw.

    i know a girl who worked crazy horse in brookpark during dayshift. She said there were not many customers, but there was good money. Its right by the airport, so business men would come in on their way to their flight and just want their booze and a lapdance, so you don't have to talk to them for a long time like you do at night. Another girl i talked to briefly about platinum, and she said the money during day shift was pretty good.

    Also, brookpark is notorious for enforcing the ohio stripper law that says you cannot have any contact between a customer and a stripper. They have a whole undercover taskforce/nipple police etc. Most of my friends who stripped in brookpark have been cited at least once for this, which sucks because its like a 500$ fine and falls under the category of prostitution. However, apparently there are not many undercover cops coming in during the day so you don't have to worry as much.

    ive heard mixed reviews about Diamonds, but everyone i know who worked there did night shift. It seems to me that customers always had more positive things to say about hte club than girls who worked there.

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    Default Re: Updates in the Cleveland area? Need to choose a club!

    I personally don't think it's worth it to dance in northern ohio at all.

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