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Thread: Travel anxiety

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    Default Travel anxiety

    I'm about to go on the most awesome vacation of my life and I'm bummed out about it

    I'm an undergraduate, about to go study abroad in Japan. Since the semester doesn't start until April, I've spent the past four months having my first break from classes since I was a freshman in high school...and I spent that time stripping.

    So, for the first time in years I have not had to rely on being in school and being busy in class...and I've been so happy. Its really frustrating cause I used to like school so much.

    and now I have to give that up to go study in a foreign country. I'm very excited and happy...but a big part of me just wants to not do any of it (and sit here on the interwebs and whine).

    Any advice from any traveling ladies?

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    Default Re: Travel anxiety

    My only advice is to take this opportunity and enjoy it while you are young and can! At some point life starts moving around you too fast and you see all the things that you missed out on. One day you may have children that you won't be able to travel with, or not be as healthy... so just enjoy it!
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    Go for it! You only live once.

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    Default Re: Travel anxiety

    This is normal. Try not to think of 'reasons' not to go (stripping, losing money etc.) see it as a break in which you can readjust, cleanse your body, get your mind focused and think about what you want. When you go back to stripping (if that's what you want to do) you'll earn twice as much. See it as an excercise! xxxxx

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    Default Re: Travel anxiety

    Any chance you are depressed?

    Not wanting to experience Japan and not wanting to do something you usually find rewarding (school) are possibly signs of depression. You obviously put a lot of effort into preparing for a study abroad trip, but now you have no enthusiasm for it... because you would rather do nothing than live in Japan for a few months?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    That doesn't seem right to me at all. See a doctor before you go! Maybe this is a chemical thing.

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    Default Re: Travel anxiety

    Sorry I'm not a travelling lady, but hopefully it's okay if I chime in.

    You're in a comfort zone, and it's normal to feel some anxiety towards such a drastic change. Kind of a mental inertia if you will.

    What I might suggest is to try to picture yourself 5 years from now reflecting back on your life. The memories of this trip will last forever, and my guess is when you do look back on it you will be thankful that you went.

    When I was in HS I had worked for over 2 years to scrape together some money. I could have used it to buy my first computer or my first car, but instead I let a buddy talk me into taking a 9 day trip to Italy. Since then I've had dozens of computers, and I'm on my 3rd car, but I always have the memories of that trip and stories to share with the friends I went with ... priceless.

    Take care and best of luck to you.
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