I was just missing the 90's dancing scene in Illinois and Indiana. I started dancing in 1993, and pretty much retired 1998-1999, with an occasional return here and there (mostly amateur nights). I don't regret retiring because it was time and I saw the industry going somewhere I didn't want to go.

What made me think of this? I was surfing the web and saw the former location of a club I worked for many months. This is where I made tremendous amounts of money and where I met the guy I really like. It's now a gas station and the area, which used to have several strip bars now has one gentlemens club. I am going to take a trip to see this area in the summer because I haven't been there in years, plus I am hoping to move out there eventually because it's not far from downtown Chicago (and close to the guy I like and hope I get serious with). It's funny because I saw this particular area get clubs all within a few months.

Most of the clubs I worked at are long gone. I saw one online right before it was demolished to become a library (the owners all died). I saw another club become a regular club. Others were torn down and a few switched owners but are still clubs. It's sad seeing these clubs because it reminds me of my younger years.

I know I probably won't find many people (dancers from this area during that time), but figured I would ask.