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Thread: Day hustle versus night hustle

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    Default Day hustle versus night hustle

    Hey y'all. So I've been working days lately, where I used to work nights. Money has been super slow in our club so I've been thinking about working stretch shifts on thurs-sun. I gave it a shot only to discover that my day-shift hustling isn't effective at night, and that I was pulling up super short.

    I was hoping some ladies could share their insights about how to make money on the slower/older/more laid back lunch crowd versus the rowdier/younger/party focused crowd. What would be a good way to make the mental switch around 6:30 when I need to?

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    Default Re: Day hustle versus night hustle

    Everyone is different. Look into Strip & Grow Rich. Even with a group of guys the sales tactic in the group isn't going to be consistent with all of them.
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    Not at night...that's when the stars have rather better things to do. They're coming out, shining, that sort of thing.
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    Default Re: Day hustle versus night hustle

    Yep, everyone is different and while some say to do a longer hustle during the day vs. the night, I say that that could be a waste of time, bc I've seen guys during the day that are willing to be hustled in 30 seconds and go straight back and spend $$$. At night, I've also seen guys that want to spend more time with you. In general, though, I do agree w the longer hustle during day/shorter hustle during least in clubs where I've worked...just keep your eyes open for exceptions and learn how to spot these.

    You asked how to make the transition from day to night? Do you mean mentally? I'm guessing that's what you mean bc if you mean physically/pertaining to your hustle style, well, my advice is to just do it...

    Mentally, however, if you need to, maybe take the time in-between shifts to do your hair differently (curl it if it's been straight during the day), change your outfit, add some jewelry (I used to put my thick, rhinestone choker on for the night crowd), get a small snack, have an energy drink, etc. This will, in your mind, tell you that you're taking a break and that this is the start of a NEW shift. This will NOT work, however, if you always do this during your shift (always take breaks instead of constant work/hustle).

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    Default Re: Day hustle versus night hustle

    I loved workin my night shift..
    Though I think making money is more effective at night though.

    Cause you just have more of the atmosphere there...

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