We've decided to not cancel our annual July trip to Vegas. Assuming the clubs are not allowed to open by July 15th....I'm long shotting this discussion thread in the hopes that one of our long term dancers from Cheetahs Las Vegas (5-10 years) will read this and respond so we can work out a win-win situation. Out of the 5-7 that always go....no one bothers to maintain phone contact with any of our regular dancers. Myeh....

So, here goes the long shot descriptors:
1. From Northern California
2. Always 4-7 of us.
3. 2 Asians, 1 latino, 1 white, 1 half and half. Sometimes 4 Asians
4. Like to come in the daytime and spend hours with bottles.
5. We come once a year for 3-5 days, and all of us blow a grand+ a day spread about the club.
6. My club name is just "J"....."Bob"....."Roko"....."O" some of the other stupid club names we go by in the beginning until we get drunk and start saying our real names!

We would rather have fun with the women who know us from the club, rather than making blind phone calls for women we may not find interesting. Is it a win-win? The dancers can't work right now, and we don't have to make a bunch of phone calls for girls that don't interest us?

I know it's a flimsy longshot, but if you worked with us and read that, you may remember who we are.

Lala. Haitian Rose.....many others I can't remember the names of.....