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Thread: I need some stripper therapy...

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    Default I need some stripper therapy...

    I think I have a problem.

    I used to work really well, dancing for 3 years. Clean/responsible girl in a high-contact club. It was super hard work. I rarely/never drank on the job, worked at least 7 hours every shift, at least three shifts a week, had regulars, saving money, etc.
    I had other jobs at the time, too- movie theater, printer's apprentice, puppetry intern, stuff like that.

    Anyways, I moved to a new state and now I'm going to school.

    This club is way better than my old club, much less contact and more money to take home, but somehow I'm down in some dumps. I only work one day a week, get drunk every time, and haven't sold a single VIP room yet in the three months I've been here.

    I don't want to work anymore, but I really need the money, and no other job pays as well for a student with a school schedule. Not only do I have to pay rent, but I need to pay tuition too, and I just cleaned out my emergency fun due to traumatic events.

    What the hell? BURNOUT???

    Noooo! Never!!!

    I KNOW I shouldn't be drinking but dancing is just not interesting to me at all anymore. I feel like a factory or sweatshop worker, a machine. Customers are all predictable and boring. I don't like night shift crowds, but day shifts are empty here, and I'm already at the best club in town (plus, I usually have class in the daytime).

    I thought I should re-vamp my "look" and get new costumes, a haircut, whatever, but I don't even know what to do, or who to be. What's sexy anymore? I also feel pretty outdated. What I find sexy now, IRL, is the opposite of stripclub aesthetic. And then faking so much feels lame to me, I used to be so good at it but I can barely do it anymore.

    At the same time, I don't want to quit. I like the money and I like the freedom and I like the taboo nature of it, too. I see potential change for great improvement, I just don't know how to get there from here.

    Advice really appreciated...

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    Default Re: I need some stripper therapy...

    I haven't even been in the mood to go get new earrings. Feels like I have so many better things to do... but none of them help me earn money as much as stripping.

    I tried making and selling books. I tried tutoring. I even tried the stock market but I fucking suck.

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    Default Re: I need some stripper therapy...

    You said some traumatic event happened to you, & I suspect that may also play into why all of these things aren't helping to reinvigorate you, especially if you were already burning out. Its not any of our business what it was, but if you want to tell us we might be able to help you more.

    Personally, I'm all for strip trips - work vacations. They give you new environment & new people to be around. Even if you don't enjoy the club, it could help you appreciate you regular club more.

    I'd also suggest finding some way to put a small chunk of money away. If you just wiped out your savings you might feel like you are starting to bottom out. Maybe you simply need to see the numbers rising on your bank account? Web camming 1-2 days a week could help you with that if you are just dreading the club.

    Finally, sometimes we just need a temporary break. Is there any way to increase your student loans for a semester to help offset living expenses? If so, do that & go sign-up at a temporary work agency.
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    Default Re: I need some stripper therapy...

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    Default Re: I need some stripper therapy...

    I feel the same way about the night crowd, but the money is so much better...

    Have you considered finding a cocktail waitressing job at a bar or night club?

    Its cash, and it can be lucrative at the right bar. If it doesn't work out, you will at least be more greatful for the type of money you make at the strip club.

    I was stripping, got tired of it and bartended. I would leave work even more tired and super drained and just sick of people at the end of a bar shift and I'd be lucky if I would make a third of what I can make a night stripping.

    But also, maybe you have "outgrown" stripping?

    Waitressing and bartending are some of the only flexible jobs someone without a degree can get and still earn more than $100 per shift.

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    Default Re: I need some stripper therapy...

    Sounds like moving may be the problem. You're in a new place with new people. give yourself some time to get use to the place and know people. i know when i moved to a different club i wasn't comfortable, i didnt talk to any one for about eight months then all of a sudden after i was recognizable the girls started to talk to me and asked how i was ect... also most girls dont waste their time with new girls because they come and go so much there's no point in getting to know them. once you get a little more comfortable things will get easier.

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    Default Re: I need some stripper therapy...

    The answer is because you don't have a strong enough "Reason Why."

    One of the activities we do live at Bootcamp, and is part of the online DancerVictory course is drilling down to your Core Values and figuring out how dancing plays a role in getting you to love your Perfect Average Day.

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