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Thread: Studying Up

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    Newbie Cranberry's Avatar
    Apr 2011
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    Crossfingers Studying Up

    I've been reading posts on this forum and doing a lot of other research on the web about being a cam-girl for a while now and am just getting ready to venture in. I just want to make sure I am on the right track, so I can be successful. I am going to start on MFC. From what I've learned it seems:

    --Don't focus so much on cam rating, because those girls might just be more popular for giving freebies rather than actually making more money.

    --Smile and look into the cam a lot!!

    --Keep active, sing or talk, or in some way interact with people in your room.

    --Show some extra skin now and then, but not to much, to give the customer and tasty incentive to go private

    --give a thank you and reward (like flashing) for tips

    --Set a goal of however many tokens til a show, to motivate tippers (Though what a reasonable goal when starting is, I'm not sure! And is it better to have smaller goals along the way, ie 30t for topless, 200t for naked, then 3000t for show or what?)

    --the industry is a roller coaster and takes hard work and dedication, some days will be really profitable, others dead. Don't get discouraged.

    --Remember information told to you before to a returning customer, and bring it up so that they feel like you know them

    --keep camwork life and regular and love life seperate.

    So...have I been a good student (lol) or do I need more or better advice? Any other tips or things to do before I create that account and turn on the cam? I am also wondering if I should do another site alongside MFC and which of those might be best right now for a newbie like me. Thanks everyone!

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    Jan 2011
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    Default Re: Studying Up

    Just jump right in! But know that the hustle on MFC is different from most other places, and not every girl can hack it--hell, I refuse to even try, lol. Keep trying different things till something sticks. And don't get discouraged!

    She wonders how much he'd pay to see her innards, what it is guys think girls are hiding so that they always want to see them in every place.
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    Default Re: Studying Up

    Your points definitely seem like they'd help you out mainly on MFC, so I think starting there would be great for you.

    There is ALWAYS more to learn, and sometimes experience is the best teacher!


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