So this morning we got the news that will be shutting down. Prior to the site being raided by the FBI, was an amazing marketing tool. Most of us have learned how to make even more money without this site and others are sitting around waiting for things to happen.. that never works does it? Summer is usually a slow season for escorting but I was able to beat this last year by thinking OUT of the box!

Here are some tips!

1.) Get new photos!
It doesn't have to be professional but it does have to be classy and tasteful.
Get rid of those camera phone pictures and get a 10-14megapixel camera and
have your own little photo shoot and see what you come up with. Post the best
pictures on your website or if you have the funds, HIRE a photographer! (Make sure he/she's willing to give you rights to the images)

2.) Record a video of yourself.

Men are visual creatures and what's better that a hot picture?
A super HOT video! Be creative, keep it classy and tasteful and
NO you do not have to show your face and here's an example:

3.) Add a mailing list to your website!
A mailing list is like your own personal fan club.
When you have specials, or you're on tour, all you'll have to do
is send an email blast to your list and watch the money roll in.


If you have experience TOUR! When you tour ,
you'll be the new girl that everyone wants! When business
is slowing down in your city, play pin the donkey and travel!
I can honestly say that I have ALWAYS made profit whenever
I toured. I have never made less than I spent on a tour.

5.) Get an incall! If you don't host incalls you're losing money!
Most of these guys are married and cannot have a lady over their house.
Rent a studio apartment, decorate it and start raking in that extra cash!

More tips later!