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Thread: Non-compete Agreement?

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    Default Non-compete Agreement?

    Non-Compete agreement?

    Anyone who has danced for a while has at some point encountered some version of a non-compete agreement as part of her club contract. If you donít sign the agreement, they wonít let you work, but if you do sign it, are you doomed to stay at the new club forever?

    Nope. These agreements are unenforceable by law. It only really applies when you are an employee of a large corporation and have access to secret business information (like the formula for KFCís original recipe, for instance). Even at that, if you should decided to move to a new job at a competing company, you are only barred from sharing that ďsecretĒ info with your new employer.

    Strip clubs and agents know this. They make you sign the non-compete agreement anyway in order to scare you away from trying to work for the competition. They could, of course, refuse to let you work at their club or agency if they discover you are two-timing them. That is just a chance you take, but they donít need you to sign some legalese-sounding document to stop you from dancing for their business.

    So donít worry if a club or agent makes you sign some paper that says you wonít work for another club or agency within 50 miles and/or 2 years after quitting. They canít do anything about it. Even if you want to work 2 days a week at club ďAĒ and 2 days a week at club ďBĒ, neither club has exclusive rights to your performance.

    Be smart, and know that the clubs and agencies need you more than you need them.

    Promote yourself and earn more money! This is a business that is owned by strippers for strippers. Let's make that money!

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    Default Re: Non-compete Agreement?

    i hate it when clubs try to pull this shit.

    however, one thing that should be noted, is a lot of clubs decide to make it so their girls wont work elsewhere by demanding a minimum of 3 days a week. if a 3 day a week minimum is standard in an area, it is difficult for girls to work at two clubs unless they want to work 6+days a week or pull a double.
    The best thing i have heard in a strip club to date:
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    customer: hmm... nah actually i will take the shotgun marriage. At least then we would be having sex.

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    Default Re: Non-compete Agreement?

    I've come across it too. I negotiated it out though (contracts are negotiable). Pm me if you want more details.
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