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Thread: Wigs

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    No worries Blake about not posting in the newer thread... I wasnt wigging out over it
    (see what I did there? I crack me up...but I digress )

    Eh...I dont specifically look for wigs that say no glue or anything, all I do is trim the lace off of it, or if Im being lazy, Ill take it to the hair place I go to and they'll do it for a small fee. I go to Elegant Beauty Supply btw...I dont know if they are national or only here in FL..but they have quite a few stores and they are ridiculously I feel like they are national.

    I can honestly say for cam, I just wear a regular cap wig (not lacefront) looks natural on cam..though I have to admit, this new one I just got, the highlights are a lot blonder and a bit longer than Im used to so Im reeeeally debating this LoL But for day to day, I wear a lacefront, it looks great as is and people who first meet me assume its my own hair. I wear it down, pin it up, do a half pony no problem. Not to say you shouldnt get it styled, esp if you have a friend to do it, cause I do hear that does wonders for how it looks and can make even a bad wig look awesome.
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    Hi all:-)

    I LOVE weave & wigs & I make my own because they aren't that hard to make.

    If you're looking at synthetic lace fronts online, Friday Night Hair has pretty decent ones, some with baby hairs & some without. They give you at least 3 inches of parting room in the FRONT. They say you can add heat to them, but I don't. If you want wavy hair, buy a wavy haired wig & vice versa with synthetic hair.

    When it comes to parting, if you want free range, you're really going to have to opt for a FULL LACE WIG, which has lace throughout the entire wig & you can part it anywhere & put it in a ponytail. These wigs are generally not synthetic & cost a bit more.

    For glue, I would never wear glue for long periods of time, plus there are GLUELESS lace wigs. )

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    I was also worried about choosing wigs, and later I found a website that made wigs very realistic, which is still very happy

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    Default Re: Wigs

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