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Thread: How to negotiate a contract

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    Default Re: How to negotiate a contract

    I can be particular about contracts, I will change note changes that need to be made to the contract before signing it. Generally I'll pick up a copy of any original contract, have a lawyer review it for anything that might be a problem, cross out anything that needs to be changed & make note on the contract of how it should be changed. Then copy the contract with the changes & send it certified mail, fax it, or e-mail it (best way). However, your situation is a bit different since you need the work more than they need you... because lets face it, sadly most entertainers aren't as smart as the SW entertainers from lack of access to a more universal knowledge of the industry, which means the others are more likely to blindly sign this contract.

    If I were you I would contact a lawyer NOW, & see what their suggestion is. PornLaw (Michael Fattorosi) is regularly on here, & from CA. Start by PMing him or sending an e-mail to him directly. Personally, I'd be tempted to take him into the meeting where you are suppose to sign this contract... that way if they give you any problems about wanting to have your lawyer look at it they can't get nasty about it to your face or try to "release you of your contract" right then & there. When there's a lawyer in the room people are generally better behaved. At the very least you might be able to have a three way call where you ask the person in charge of this to fax it over to Michael to look at. Honestly, I think having a lawyer help you out is well worth the money.
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    Default Re: How to negotiate a contract

    I'm going to be going through a similar situation. My club is making all entertainers sign a new contract on the 15th, forcing girls into an 8-hr shift and, rumor has it, changing all our house fees.

    There is no way I can work an 8-hr shift. I'd never see my daughter or husband.

    I'm going to try and work with the managers on this. I've worked at this club, on and off, for 6 years And have consistently been one of the top earners, and so have consistently paid out A LOT of money. I don't think they'd want to lose me. I am going to ask for a copy BEFORE I sign it though, to thouroughly read it.
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    Default Re: How to negotiate a contract

    Good luck with this one. I'm sure if you are a top commodity at Deja Vu then they will work with you; but if you are just an average dancer you might have a very difficult time. One of the clubs where I housemom makes girls sign contracts. They are worthless because they are never enforced, but if you won't sign it then they will not let you work there.

    How about looking at some other clubs? I'm sure there are plenty of good clubs in SF that don't enforce such dangerous rules.

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    Default Re: How to negotiate a contract

    I'm assuming the GM is Pat for your club... I wouldn't count on them working with you on this. Could you possibly find a non-Deja Vu club to work when you want to do a dbl. and just stick to the 3 scheduled shifts per week at your current club?

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    Default Re: How to negotiate a contract

    I've got a contract lawyer on speed dial. You almost have to in order to protect yourself. Definitely get some legal advice on this new agreement.

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