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Thread: URGENT: Need a Table Dance song

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    Default URGENT: Need a Table Dance song

    I'm in the process of packing my bags ready to head off and work for 3 weeks again, and I have to burn a CD of my music - 1 song for my stage show, and one for my table show (crawling around on top of a table, interacting with everyone sitting there).

    I already have my stage show song - Nine Inch Nails, Closer (unoriginal I know) but I'm struggling to find a new table dance song.

    Onstage I've danced to Metallica, The Cranberries, INXS, the Pretty Reckless, the White Stripes, but I'm not used to picking music for rolling around on a table.
    I need something not too slow, not depressing, but something you can imagine yourself rolling around to.
    Any ideas? I danced to Kings of Leon, Closer last time because my friend got our CDs mixed up, but I don't want both my songs to have the same name in case the DJ messes up.

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    Default Re: URGENT: Need a Table Dance song

    Kings of Leon have other great sexy songs like Be Somebody, Pyro, Revelry, and Be Somebody!

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