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Thread: The Clips4Sale Thread

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    Default Re: The Clips4Sale Thread

    Yeah the refunds are rediculous. I put some serious hours into uploading clips there this month. My highest earning month there all year. But to look and see a little ove 1/3 of all sales were refunded/chargebacks it's like is it really worth it? I was excited about passing $200 to get daily pay and even after the chargebacks I'm still well over $200 but how does that even work with the refunds? Whereall those videos go? C4S says the downloads were blocked but another girl said all her from this month were on tube sites so obviously they aren't blocking the downloads. How much money will it really cost me in the long run? How many hours do I have to spend getting videos taken down?
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    Fuck the refunds. My issue is stolen videos. In may I have got so many refunds lets say you have 100 vids and lets say they all got stolen within a week. Now that person posting them on his website and earns money.
    My guess why c4s lately got so many refunds is....
    1)Iwantclips covered their hole. Because before they used to get looted. Most clips which used to get stolen came from IWC.
    2)As I said about pirates before they sucked all those sub sites. Watching videos is much easier than film them.
    3)someone is trying to ruin a reputation of c4s.
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    Default Re: The Clips4Sale Thread

    Just thinking out loud.......I find it hard to believe that other sites don't have chargebacks. Ever. Or do we just not hear about them? Do some other sites have some kind of rule that if you sign up for them, you can't ever say anything negative about them on social media, or what?

    And yes MissJu, I remember quite a few people mentioning on this thread that a lot of their pirated clips came from IWC (because their watermark was on the clips).

    I don't know why anyone still does a subscription (aka paysite) anymore in 2017. It's so easy for guys to do a site-rip and take all the content in the members area.

    C4S has been around forever and it is the original clips site that a lot of others have used as a template to make their own clip sites. Yeah, it's not the prettiest site around (lol), but time and time again when doing comparisons with other sites, people have said....they get the most sales from C4S and the most traffic. If they were screwing people around all of these years, I don't think they'd still be around today. So yeah, people mentioning all of these chargebacks on social media DOES look bad and it would be nice if C4S would make SOME kind of statement. Even if it's just to clips producers in an announcement in the admin area.

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    Default Re: The Clips4Sale Thread

    It's not C4S's fault that chargeback and refunds are happening. But something has changed and fraud is becoming more prevalent on their website and they have to start putting in safety measures to combat it. About 8 months ago I had someone from Russia buying all my femdom, cbt, and ballbusting clips and getting chargebacks on them within an hour. It was so bad I stopped filming those clips. Then a few months ago I shot a clip in that category and then the fraudulent orders returned. Now I don't shoot those type of clips because I don't want to deal with fraudulent sales.
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    Default Re: The Clips4Sale Thread

    I've only ever gotten two chargebacks on KB in 2 years and on IWC I haven't gotten any, at least not since they started Chargeback protection. Before this year on C4S I had gotten 5 chargebacks from 3 people and 5 refunds from 3 people (probably all one actual person though). My first chargeback I ever got on C4S was in 2015 after my store had been open since 2012. The other 9 happened in June, August, and December of 2016.

    This year I have gotten 2 chargebacks (from 1 person in April) and 51 refunds from 11 people (most of which were all from the same 1 person committing fraud), 2 refunds were from March, 9 in May, 35 in June, and so far 5 this month, though it looks like I might luck out and end without anymore, but I fully expect to get some next month from some that were bought this month.

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