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Thread: Defining "ROI"

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    Default Defining "ROI"

    Lately, there have been references in a few threads to the term "ROI" as it relates to strip club activities. Obviously, what is considered a decent ROI can vary dramatically from one person to the next, so I thought that it might be interesting to kick the term around a bit to see what it means for each poster that wishes to chime in.

    I will say that I factor potential ROI in heavily when determining which clubs to visit, particularly given how many nights per year that I spend in clubs. Now the definition can vary dramatically for me depending upon where I am and what might be considered reasonable for the given area, but it certainly doesn't involve LDs as I am simply not a big fan of them. So this generally leaves me with three entertainment options: (1) tipping for time when I find a girl to be fun or otherwise intriguing; (2) VIP/CR; or (3) OTC activities.

    Starting in reverse order, OTC does account for about 40% of my SC-related spending in any given year, but that also means that the other 60% is being spent ITC.

    Now a certain percentage of the ITC money is admittedly being spent on dicier VIP/CR trips. However, in all candor there, is only a handful of clubs in which I will go into a back room, and in each of them I have very good reasons for doing so.

    But now that we have covered the p4p components, I will also say that a fair chunk of my ITC spending is done through informal tip for time scenarios. There are times when I simply come across girls who I find enchanting and/or entertaining. For me, this type of interaction is half of the fun of visiting clubs. Now sometimes a tip for time gal will convert into an OTC participant and sometimes not, but, either way, spending time with a girl whose company I enjoy most definitely meets the definition of ROI for me. Now I will admit that I'm not going to make the night of a girl who gets paid by me solely in a tip for time arrangement, but I am careful to make sure that it is worth her while.

    Now I should also mention that there are limits on what I am willing to spend in any single night out. For this reason, and in light of my preferred entertainment activities, I do tend to avoid downtown tourist traps. Not only does tip for time not play well in the higher volume clubs that are located in some major cities, but the CR/VIP prices are often exorbitant and the hustle factor is high. Also, in all candor, I also find many of the girls that work in those clubs to be quite young and far less interesting than their local club counterparts.

    Finally, in relation to ROI, the topic of using money to push girls into doing things that are outside of their normal boundaries was raised. Well, I can only say that, while I have never cajoled or otherwise used a hard sell on any girl, I do give them ample opportunity to consider what those limits actually are. Most girls that I sit with see what I am carrying when I'm paying for drinks or giving them a tip for time installment, so they know that they are getting a lot less than they could. Sometimes, this alone is enough for them to inquire about other earning options, but when they do not (and they are otherwise good targets) then the cash in my pocket sure as hell doesn't hurt in moving things over the goal line. And, for the record, I make no apologies for what I do. Everyone is a grown adult in this situation and I do nothing coercive in setting these things up.

    Anyway, there it is fwiw and I would welcome other thoughts.
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    Default Re: Defining "ROI"

    ROI for me has always been about value. What I consider value has shifted over time.

    When I first started going to lap dance clubs I never bought $20 lap dances and the the thought of doing a VIP was a joke to me. The art of "cabaret dancing" was very common in RI clubs back then. A sort-of "mini" lap dance for two or three bucks where dancers would circulate around the club or work on a specific area when they were not on stage or doing privates. A naked woman on my lap for a few bucks was more than I had ever thought would happen in a strip club so I was pretty happy with that price point. Spending $20 for one song seemed like a huge waste of money.

    Then I met Dakota...

    Soft skin, beautiful brown eyes, a smile that men would go to war over and an ass that made me..well..weak. Dakota was the sexest woman I had ever seen. A 30 second tease was just not enough. I had to see what $20 was going to get me. One song, I was hooked. the cabaret dance was no longer a thrill for me after experiencing Dakota's warm body pressed against mine for three or four minutes at a time. My idea of ROI went from spending thirty or forty bucks on cabaret dances with a bunch of different girls-some great, some good, some lame-to buying private dances in batches of three or four at a time, chatting, and then buying some more. Yes, I was spending more money than I ever thought I would spend on a stripper but I was having the time of my life!

    Dakota was my first "LD club" fav. She eventually moved on and there have been many others over the years of course. I went from trying individual dances to trying 15 minute booths-more privacy, 15 minute block so you don't have to count songs, better ROI!

    Now, mind you, one thing ROI has never been about with me is extras. Contact yes, extras, not so much. I'm not saying I've ever turned them down but, over the years, the really dirty girls, in the really dirty clubs, have been the ones I go see two or three times a year. The "naughty but nice" girls are the ones I will go see a couple of times a month. What's the X factor? Personality.

    Over the years what I want when I go to a strip club has changed a lot. I started as a curious lap dance hound. Blondes, Brunettes, big tits, small tits, all shapes sizes and ethnicity! Eventually I found out that I had preferences and that certain types of girls, with a certain type of personality, gave me the club experience that I found the most rewarding. This of course was due in no small part to the kind of dances they gave me. I learned that I prefer intimacy over perversity. A woman who can hold her body against mine and make my heart go faster, my breathing heavier and yes, give me a raging hard-on without actually touching little yoda is going to get a lot more of my money than a dancer who just grinds away while going over her grocery list in her head.

    And, along with the dancing, I like a bit of stimulating conversation. I rarely go to a club for a quick hit. I like to spend the afternoon and I generally have one lady on my dance card when I go in. I purposely go on slow days, at the behest of my favs, so that we can spend some time together. This will fly in the face of popular opinion but I don't pay for conversation. This, to me, would be ridiculously poor ROI. I go in with, depending on the club and the lady, $200 to $400 to spend on dances or VIP (her share). We spend an hour or so chatting, drinking and laughing and then we go for dances. When we are done I play it by ear, or actually, she does. If the club is busy she may leave and go see other regulars, returning to me when she needs a break. If the club isn't busy she will sit and we will order lunch. Now, before any pinks hiding out in the basement jump on me please know that I don't expect any dancer to sit with me for free. I simply prefer the ones that will as long as I am spending in the dance booth.

    So in the 21st century great ROI for me is getting the chance to spend a few hours with a great lady who not only knows how to keep me laughing but knows how to keep me on the edge of ecstasy in the dance booth.
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