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Thread: Appearance/Attitude > Money?

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    Default Re: Appearance/Attitude > Money?

    I wish you had told us in the beginning of this thread the way that you were holding the tips. We have stages that have tip rails and guys will hold their tips in their hand until you get to them. They also place it on the stage or throw it on as well. If you were doing the first, you are normal at my club. I would prob. have gone over to you since you did indeed tip me.
    We have many guys that come in and make it rain on a few if not all the girls. These are regulars that never get dances, but tip really well. They like to hang out at the club with or more girls, but obviously not all the girls at once! We will all take turns chatting them up and the men will make sure they show their appreciation on stage.
    I think that is what happened here with your friends and you. The girls prob. knew those guys or REALLY didn't like having balled up ones tossed at their butts. You were knew, were tipping and said your guys started to get dances.
    So, it all worked out. Especially for the girls getting tipped and getting dances
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    Default Re: Appearance/Attitude > Money?

    Quote Originally Posted by _Avery_ View Post
    omg, why is it so huge?!! lol lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arizona Punk View Post
    So what is the appropriate way to tip while sitting at the stage? We just held a few dollars out in our hands, the girl would come over and do her thing to each of us, and then held her g-string open to slip the money in. Like I said, it was our very first time in a club and it seemed like the most logical way of doing things. If that's wrong, what is the right way of going about it?
    I used to think like you seem to think. But that was a long time ago. I thought the dancer danced and stripped, and then I tipped her for doing that.

    The reality is that you pay up front and then the dancer entertains you. The more you tip, the more you get entertained.

    Why they came to you before you tipped is a mystery to me. It usually does not happen that way. Once dancer I know will not take anything off until there are at least $20 in tips out for her.

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    Default Re: Appearance/Attitude > Money?

    Maybe its because this seems to be a really small club. We were there from about 12:30 am-2:00 am and there were maybe seven or eight total customers that came in during that time. So the dancers were kind of stuck with what they had

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    Default Re: Appearance/Attitude > Money?

    Quote Originally Posted by yoda57us View Post

    New male visitors to this site often think that they are logging on to just another strip club board. That's really not what Stripperweb is about. This site is about and exists for dancers. Customers can obviously participate on some areas of the site but the ladies here don't pull any punches. As rick said, this is about their livelihood. That is much more important to them than the egos of males who show up here. The guys that last on SW figure that out and appreciate the honesty. The ones that don't either get bored or banned...whichever comes first...
    Very correct yoda
    You are wise man...... Well at least here at sw.
    Take care

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    Default Re: Appearance/Attitude > Money?

    Why would the dancers go over to the fat guys? They like throwing 20s from a distance like a game at a state fair. Any disruotion, like coming over, could interrupt those $20s

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    Default Re: Appearance/Attitude > Money?

    Um yeah...any guy that's good looking enough that I could see myself dating him, I avoid like the plague. Or at least leave them to the bottom of the pile. With guys in that ballpark...I don't know why but it's a lot harder to hustle them I find. Probably because all the while I'm cycling through thoughts of "why are you here?" "what's wrong with him?" and "axemurderer?"

    Doesn't happen a lot, apparently I like to date some real foxes, my last bf--the only dude i'll add that I've ever witnessed strippers "flock" to--he used to get *quite* a lot of attention from my fellow dancers when he would pick me up, but that was after hours and they were all convinced he was a Robert Pattinson look-a-like hahaha

    When most guys go to a club, they stay for an hour or two, the girls are there all night, and there are always those cheap patrons who sit around all night drinking and tipping (if applicable) the bare minimum. Since you came in so late, next time remember that those fat guys could have been there for who knows how long--they could be being avoided for being cheap or rude, but also, maybe they had already bought dances before you got there. I know I try to keep an eye on who goes up and comes down from the lapdance rooms, and some guy that just spent an hour up there, and 300$, goes waaaay down my priority list for hustling, unless he seems interested in me particularly. $300 less left in his pocket...girl's gotta wonder how much he has left. There are exceptions but most of the time its either only enough for a couple more dances, or a few more beers and a cab home.

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