This is information for girls and stripclubs in how to make lots of extra cash in several ways!
Pure facts, no spam.
This is how you do it using a private label adult dating site from with YOUR own name or brand!

1. Use to create your own adult dating site free (or at the cost of a domainname you like and buy anywhere, preferably with your name or brand in it)

2. The existing templates are superhot but they can be customised to fit your brand 100%, contact your account manager on or read the "help"

3. Your new dating site is from day one crowded with millions of members shared with thousands of other datingsites, men from every city all over the world. Now search for members online, where you are, looking for girls to have adult dates with and offer them to visit you at the club. Many of them will come to visit you!
Make sure that they ask for you at the club, this will make the other girls jeallous..... and you get the cash for dancing of course!
Anyone can set up a dating site so its up to you if you want to join clubwise or do this girl by girl or both ways.
This way you have made yourself a free portal to horny men online wherever you are, thats good more.

4. You are working at clubs (and cams?) every night meeting men who lust for women.
They will listen to you when you say that you and your friends can be contacted on a special datingsite that you give them the adress to (your own datingsite)
Every new paying member you bring to the shared DB of you will make profit of by geting 65% of the member fees forever (as long as the member stays a member anyway)

This is crossing two similar adult niches in a very profitable way. Exotic dancing and adult dating are related, at least to the men experiencing them.
Strippers are allowed to hook up customers on the adult dating niche.
Sample sites here: and, Test them, they are live and free to join.
Youtubeclip1 Youtubeclip2 (basic set up, you can create your free dating site in less than 30 minutes using the templates)

This is new, its called "white label" or "private label" and its when you use your own private brand on something shared with others and thats ready to launch in minutes.
In this case you share the database of members worlwide that signed up to any of DatingFactorys private label datingsites. is expanding its business very fast and your free to join this free profitable business now!
No costs for you, just shared commisions, 35% to us and 65% to you!
We pay out cash by wire or paypal automatically every month.
No obligations, use your site or leave it be.
....but you will make lots of cash if you promote it!
Use the calculator yourself and see how much only 100 or 1000 paying members will bring to you if every member gives you 65% of $ 24,95/month

Promote your datingsite everywhere, not just at work. It will bring you cash when you sleep!

Strip clubs can add a profitable adult dating niche to their existing business by using their brand on both the adult dating sites and the striptease club.
Both businesses helping the other make even more cash!

Some site owners make $15000/ month and more when they promote their dating site properly.
The dating site itself is yours, when you get a lot of traffic and paying members on it you can even sell it. There is a market for profitable sites out there.

You have full control! You can see online in almost realtime: the number of visitors you have, how many who become members, how many become paying members, where they come from, what gender and age, their username.
You can even run your own ad campaigns for anything you like on your dating site and send newsletters to all your members.

Anyone can set up free dating sites on and strippers and clubs have so much to gain by using this method that I just had to post this here.

And to you who actually try this, you who test the power of finding customers online and to make profit of them in several ways, you who start up a new business that brings you cash when you sleep!
Good luck and welcome to the real cashmaking business!
And if you dont get how to set up your site we will help you for free if you call the contact number on

More sites made this way:,,,,,,

Sorry if the english spelling is bad but Im from Sweden