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Thread: Getting Your Body Back....Getting your "looks" back

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    Lightbulb Getting Your Body Back....Getting your "looks" back

    I have been dancing for 10 years. I am 27 years old. The last 2 years I have not had the time to workout much or put effort into my looks because I have been going to college with no breaks since 2010 (summer courses etc. Going to college and dancing required what I would call hell in terms of sleeping schedule. For example one day I'm waking up at 7am, the next day I'm working until 4 etc. Despite incorporating naps, I believe this schedule screwed up my metabolism. Also I had gotten flooded out with Hurricane Irene and had to miss two months of work while rebuilding my life. Add to that no time or energy to do my normal spin and yoga classes or go to the mac counter for new make up. I even took off my acrylic nails and did them myself to save time. I also changed my hair color back to a natural dark blonde whereas I formerly had it bleach blonde. During this time school took a front seat and body maintenace a back seat. Surprisingly enough it not effect my work money, but now that I finally have a break for two months I do not feel attractive or good about myself. I know I do not look like a complete mess I am currently 5 7 and 160 pounds, but I have always been 145 at the most. Though my body carries it well, my face looks very full. Previous to the 2010 I had the nick name "ACTION JACKSON" because I was very cut and lean. Now I just look like a normal girl opposed to a playboy look. Even though my steady clientele has no complaints and likes me "thick" I do not feel good about myself. With two more weeks left of school until my last semester in fall which is no where as hectic as what my schedule this year was. I would like to know if any of you ladies have experienced anything similiar to this? Can I come back hotter and fitter than ever? Have you done it?

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    Default Re: Getting Your Body Back....Getting your "looks" back

    I know your pain, I had an illness that put me on medication that is notorious for making people blow up. I luckily went almost a whole year with minor side effects, but recently the weight came on with a vengeance. While I enjoy a rounder booty and fuller breasts- I hate looking at my face because it also got fuller. I'm just going to slim down 10 pounds and hope to God it makes a difference.

    You can bounce back if you are dedicated enough to. Some days I don't mind how I look, but other days I hate it. Ain't shit to do about it other than to drop the pounds though.
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    Default Re: Getting Your Body Back....Getting your "looks" back

    Absolutely btdt.
    I bounced back big time once before and have already started the process of doing it again. (after swearing I would never get out of shape again lol)
    except last time it was worse this time i caught it sooner, so that's good.
    Getting enough sleep is super good for your weight. being an underslept zombie is not going to help you get skinny. At least I have found that to be the case for me.
    Also, download the myfitnesspal app to you phone, it can really help you track your calories.
    like you, my custies are still buying, so I just have to keep that in mind and not psych myself out. I'm still going to get my weight down for my own confidence, but it's probably not as important to everyone else as it is to me.

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    Default Re: Getting Your Body Back....Getting your "looks" back

    I got porky after my BA and sitting on my ass. I cut gluten and wheat out of my diet. Now I do the Paleo diet and hit the gym 5x a week. Avoid processed foods. Drink lots of water.
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    Default Re: Getting Your Body Back....Getting your "looks" back

    cutting out Gluten really does let the weight fall off, as does the water drinking.

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    Default Re: Getting Your Body Back....Getting your "looks" back

    Drinking tons of water will brighten your completion, making you look more vibrant, it will help you lose weight and it will hydrate you, therefore giving you more energy. Of course eating well will also make a difference in your overall physical and mental health. It's really all about how YOU perceive YOURSELF.

    Do something nice for yourself. Reward yourself in some way. Do something you've never done before either alone or with a friend. Go out and meet people. Go on YouTube and look up makeup and fashion tutorials that shows you how to play up and enhance your best assets.
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    Default Re: Getting Your Body Back....Getting your "looks" back

    Quote Originally Posted by BringOnTheMen View Post
    It doesn't matter how often you are able to hit the gym as long as your diet is good. You should be getting enough exercise at work anyway. My weight has yo-yo'd and it's 100% the fault of my diet. You are going to need to hit a health food store and buy fruit, veggies, and tupperware. Get those 4 oz prepackaged 60 cal yogurts. Get some protein bars. Try to make the time to make simple foods (salads, smoothies), but if you can't, fall back on the fruit, yogurt, and protein bars to eat. Good luck!
    I agree. I lose weight extremely quick when all I eat is a big salad and a smoothie everyday. That's really all your body needs to be honest. Its covers every important food group. And yes, they are filling. I sincerely believe its a myth that we really need over 1,000 calories. Especially if you aren't very tall. I'm able to drop like 15 lbs in like 5 weeks naturally (and keep it off) if that's all I eat. I am just about to do again since I just got off steroids (weight gain / "fluffiness" or puffiness) again for anti-inflammatory properties.

    When I was at my thinnest, that's all I ate. And I didn't exercise very much either. Just some pilates here & there and an average amount of walking. Also, I gained a few lbs before I went to Paris for a couple months, and then I lost a lot of weight eating 1 heavy meal and one salad or smoothie everyday, but I was walking non-stop for like 12 hours a day. So lower the calories, consume lots of natural foods, and up the cardio.

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