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Thread: Shameless money saving and stripper tips

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    Default Re: Shameless money saving and stripper tips

    Quote Originally Posted by fetishqueen View Post
    I totally agree that content creators of all kinds should be supported, after all that's most of us too, especially right now. I was only referring to the shameless moneysaving of the thread title that's all. Perhaps you can tell I am a lazy person who should probably take far more interest in exercise!

    No offence meant x
    Don't worry, it was my pleasure to explain why am I doing it. I am trying to support small companies and those who really put some effort into offering good quality content for free, because without us, those people would dissapear, or sell their soul for money, giving the project to a big company that is prbably pay them pennies and do whatever they want. We all gotta eat, haha )) Also, the community on the site, is the most positive and supportive I have ever seen everywhere. It's just my oasis, when I wanna get away from the internet poison.
    Look at journalism nowadays, it's all biased, depending on who's paying the big bucks from behind. If people would support more and donate, more journalists would actually be stain free.
    Speaking of shameless money saving, I have no shame to use endless freebies from Sephora, as someone said above. They are a multi billion dollar company so fuck em ))))))))

    I think this thread should be named "shameless money saving from big companies and who we should actually support" hahaha
    * Me, everytime a member has 100 requests in freechat, like he's at a 5 Stars All Inclusive Holiday Resort *

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    Default Re: Shameless money saving and stripper tips

    Quote Originally Posted by Cutie101 View Post
    Because, working out at home doesn't mean you have all the knowdlege and know how to organize the workouts, in order to get the best results.
    The programs I follow, have all the videos for free, on Youtube. I am paying to have it organized in a calendar, so I don't have to scroll trough millions of videos and plan ahead, everytime.
    Less headache.
    And it's a form of respect for those who struggle to put the content out there, for free and work to keep up a site. Afterall, we, the SW-ers always say everywhere that people should pay the porn. Any content creator should be supported somehow.

    This is what I am paying for:

    The overall monthly calendar (the blue line is the prescheduled workout programme, everytime I took a day off, I simply rescheduled, that's why some squares are empty)
    Attachment 53212

    Then, if I am pressing on the today, I will have all the workouts already lined up for me (it's an entire page, but I couldn't shrink it enough):

    Attachment 53213

    Attachment 53214

    All of those workouts are available for free here: (It has all the details possible, how many workouts, it has written details, printable workout, everything you can imagine, all for free).
    So, at least, this is what I can do, to support those guys.
    They really are not a big company, just a husband and wife, helping people to lose weight at home, in a healthy way.
    I would like to add to this discussion as well. I pay for the programs because, for one thing they are inexpensive for the type of comprehensive content you get. For one program, that is equivalent to one take out meal for me. The programs are organized in a way that you are not over exercising in one body area or repeating the same exercises every week. The exercises increasingly get a little harder every week to help build you up. It saves me time from trying to find a good sequence of videos to do out of almost 1000 of their videos. Plus, I would not know which order to put them in on my own, so that I do not over or under exercise to get the results I want. It keeps me accountable and motivated by having a planned out schedule every week. I also like supporting Fitness Blender, because I appreciate the hard work they do by putting this exercise content out. I would like to think that those that support them keep them motivated as well to keep producing great content.

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    Default Re: Shameless money saving and stripper tips

    - I hoard all the bottles I come across (usually from my fiance since I only really drink water, and tea & coffee I brew myself) and recycle them at a redemption center, since I live in a state where I can do that. 5 cents a bottle isn't much at all but it's a little money I wouldn't have had otherwise, a quick errand & nice to get out of the house, and good for the environment.

    - I've said this before but I make my own coffee, since I drink it everyday and I need it to get through work & other mundane everyday tasks TikTok's whipped coffee recipe is what I make and it's incredible.... 2 tablespoons instant coffee, 2 tablespoons sugar, 2 tablespoons hot water. Whisk until it's a fluffy, whipped-cream like texture (usually about 10 mins by hand, faster if you use an electric whisk). Serve over milk & ice. Mix before drinking. Cheap as hell, and I don't even feel the need to stop at Dunkin' anymore lol! (Will still support local coffee houses once in a while, as a treat, but that's about it.) I also plan on getting a cold brew jug soon, since it's cheap to make your own cold brew as well.

    - This is an old one I got from my grandma but, I keep a stash of plastic bags in a kitchen cabinet under the sink, and use them as trash bags for smaller trash bins (bedroom, bathroom, car) & also when changing my cat's litter box to scoop the waste into & throw out immediately afterwards. Also if i'm doing an arts & crafts project, I'll rip them by the seams and use them as liners so I don't make a mess of whatever I'm working on (also works for paper grocery bags)

    - If you're making a purchase from someone in the service industry (hair, nails, photography, gig workers, repairing your car, remodeling your bathroom, anything!!), after discussing prices or right before you pay, ask; "By the way, do y'all offer a cash discount?" This has saved me quite a small fortune, and you're helping small business owners (saving them from CC processing fees, and also it's now their decision to report those earnings to the IRS, if you know what I mean).

    - Before you buy something online, see if another website has it cheaper or if you can use a coupon code (google "[store] coupon code"). Try several of them not just one or two, see what gets you the best $ off. Seems obvious but I've saved so much by doing this. Also make an account on that website, add what you want to your cart and leave the website. You may get an email with a coupon code to complete your order for the stuff in your cart.

    - Food for All app, or similar apps; you can buy meals from restaurants about an hour before they close for as little as $2-6. Obviously, cooking at home is the easiest way to save $$ but if you want a fairly affordable treat, or you're travelling, it's great.

    - I have takeout boxes saved from ordering food out in the past (rarely do it nowadays) or asking for takeout boxes when I leave a restaurant. I use them for meal prep and taking food to work or on the go so I'm not tempted to go out to eat or order food at work. I even have cute little cups with solid lids for sauces or salad dressings

    - I reuse Amazon boxes (and other boxes I get packages in) to ship out stuff I sell online so I don't gotta buy boxes. Don't even gotta cover the Amazon logo or anything. Just cover up the old labels, addresses and other identifying information.

    - I double up on bottoms. So I'll wear an industry standard thong and then my outfit on top of it. Or 2 pairs of thongs. This way I can just swap out the bottoms if I'm working a super long shift. This saves me time and time is money!

    - Adding onto the above tip, I'll sell my used thongs at work. I get a lot of discharge, I'll use this to my advantage cuz men think discharge = horniness lol. After a VIP room I'll say "I gotta change my panties, I'm so wet from playing with you" then get up on the couch and stand in between their face look down "do you want them? You can keep them if you tip me nice" If they offer $30-50 or more I let them keep it. My in house shop sells brand new thongs for $12-15 so I'm profiting and can immediately replace it.

    - I have a few pairs of boots (Pleasers) so I can put off a pedicure for longer. When my toes are freshly done I'll wear the sandal type or open toe boots, but after a few weeks (I get the gel) I switch to boots when they start to get gross looking

    - You can buy brand new or great condition Pleasers secondhand. I know they're the most expensive thing we're always replacing. FB marketplace, sales groups, craigslist, mercari, letgo etc look at these places. I just got a pair of Pleaser boots only worn once to try on for $21 shipped. Same with X-Poles I always see them going cheap secondhand.

    - YouTube. You can learn to do anything off YouTube so you can get the most for your time

    - I use Marcus by Goldman Sachs high yield savings account. Not only is your interest keeping up with inflation and you're not losing money by having it in a standard savings account, but it's online banking and withdrawals take a few days, so it's way easier to resist the temptation of withdrawing money
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    Default Re: Shameless money saving and stripper tips

    Ok this is a tip for Canadian girls, but if you have something like this in your own country you should definitely use it: OPTIMUM POINTS!! You get them and can use them through shoppers (pharmaprix in quebec), esso, and superstore. The points you accumulate from spending money there get put into your account and you can use them as money when you're buying things at those three places (I've been off my points grind recently but if I remember correctly every 10000 points is $10 off and you can choose to use that whenever you want).

    Once you get into the hustle of it you can save a LOT of money. For example, Shoppers has days every once in a while where you get 20x the points if you spend a certain amount of money on makeup, and in their beauty boutique they have quite a few brands that are also at sephora, so I try to hold off on buying makeup till they have one of those days, then buy everything I need at once. Shoppers will also have random 20x the points days on everything in store, and both Shoppers and Superstore have weekly flyers with different products that will be worth extra points that week. If you download the app, it will also show you personalized offers each week for extra points on things you would already buy.

    Just to give an example, once I dropped a few hundred dollars on makeup on the 20x the points day, and I got 80000 points, aka $80. It saved me so much money because I didn't need to pay for groceries for like two weeks after that, I just paid at Superstore with my points.

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    Default Re: Shameless money saving and stripper tips

    Does anyone have a coupon code not just me. I'm looking to buy one but I don't know where to get the coupon code.
    Thanks you.
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    Default Re: Shameless money saving and stripper tips

    I was told by a couple of people that Dazzdeals offers a discount code and I've used it quite a bit and found it pretty good. Everything you need to shop and use the service can go there to get a discount code to spend more economically.
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