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Thread: Where is the money in DMV and North Carolina

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    Default Where is the money in DMV and North Carolina

    I was planning to dance in my state (VA), but after reading some threads on here, I'm afraid that VA is going to be horrible slow. I guess it wouldn't hurt to start out here, just to gain some experience, but I want to go somewhere where making at least $200/night is an average. Also, would it be o.k. with most clubs if I only worked every other weekend? If my commute is over 2.5 hours, I'd probably just stay on the weekends, but I can't do that every weekend.

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    Default Re: Where is the money in DMV and North Carolina

    You could probably do that at the clubs around raleigh: men's club, capital cabaret, pure gold and
    Teasers. Then there's Charlotte which is farther west.

    I think there's some clubs around Portsmouth that are decent but I don't have any first hand knowledge.

    Then in the other direction there's DC.

    You could also sign up with party agencies I'm case there's parties a few days in advance so you know
    You'll at least makeenough to cover expenses.
    Ungoogle yourself:

    Also, now offering phone sexins!

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    Default Re: Where is the money in DMV and North Carolina

    Stay away from Virginia, especially from those Portsmouth clubs!

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