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Thread: NYC waiteress question: Flashdancer's, Rick's, Lace.

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    Default NYC waiteress question: Flashdancer's, Rick's, Lace.

    Hi NYC girls,

    Anyone know anything about waitressing in NYC clubs? I have a friend moving here and I truly don't know, because the girls at my club don't make much. I want to give her the real lowdown if anyone has any info....I did check the threads but there is nothing too specific or current.

    Things like:

    1. The big one...the $$$...are clubs like Flashdancers, Ricks or Lace good for waitresses, or do they hire too many and just have them standing around? Do old-timers get the money sections and new girls not? She is a little intimidated by Hustler, Scores and PEC where the waitresses seem to be dancers, or at least look like them. Not that she is not hot but that is scalding!

    2. Do the waitresses do rooms? Are they expected to? How do dancers feel about that in general? I've heard in some clubs (not mine) waitresses can do rooms and not pay fees...that sounds odd to me but maybe not.

    3. My friend is happy to provide her Driver's and SS card but is a little concerned about having it "run" and checked as she has something on her record which looks a little questionable but really isn't and is still being appealed etc etc. I told her that I know corporate clubs like Scores, Penthouse etc probably do background check. I heard from a friend that Sapphire scans your license even before audition. Hopefully you shouldn't have anything to hide, but anyway....any ideas about Ricks on that front, since it too is corporate.

    Thank you!! I don't want to mislead her -- everyone seems to think you move here and make $1500 a night waitressing in a strip club, but I highly suspect that is not the case....most of us know it's not even that easy when you are damn near naked!

    P.S. I do know it's "waitress" not waiteress, but couldn't figure out how to edit the heading lol
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