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Thread: CamRedeem - File Hosting For Cam Models

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    Default CamRedeem - File Hosting For Cam Models

    About Us
    We have just started a service that specializes in providing a way for models to send their content to the cam members who buy it. We set ourselves apart from competition by providing an extremely easy-to-use service that is both safe and secure.


    • Unique "code" system that makes it impossible for people to share links to your content
    • Send one or many files with one code or link
    • Your customers can sign up (for free) for our website to keep the ability to download the files they've bought from you. This prevents people saying to you "I lost that file I bought from you three months ago". Rest assured that if you delete a file from our site they will also lose access to it.
    • Find out if someone has used the codes they've bought from you when they say they haven't or they lost it
    • Store up to 10 files of up to 1 gigabyte each (this number can be increased by request)
    • Customer accounts are IP locked, and automatically monitored. If someone shares their account to try and give away your files for free it will get disabled and they lose access to everything
    • 100% free during the beta (at least until next year)
    How does it work?
    1. A customer buys a buys three files from you (as an example)
    2. You login to our site
    3. You quickly build a code containing those three files
    4. You give the code (or direct HTTP link) to the customer
    5. He goes to and enters the code or clicks the direct link you provided him
    6. He gets a summary of the files he is getting for redeeming his code
    7. At this point he can either
      • Redeem the code as a guest and have 24 hours to get his files
      • Sign up for a free account and link those files to it
      • Login and link those files to his account
    8. He downloads the files
    How can I sign up?
    It's easy! Just go to and sign up right from the front page!

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