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Thread: How to take CCBill for cam shows?

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    Default How to take CCBill for cam shows?

    Ok so a bunch of girls have mentioned taking CCBill for cam shows. I have a CCBill account. I've been using it to take payment for my site for years....which is why I can't remember how to set up a payment page, I did it years ago. I've spent the last half hour wandering around in that god forsaken CCBill back end trying to figure it out.

    How do you take payment via CCBill? Do you just set up a payment page for X number of minutes? How can you tell the guy has actually paid? What the eff am I doing? I'm so lost.

    Help meeee!

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    Default Re: How to take CCBill for cam shows?

    It's my understanding that you can get in touch with your CCBill Sales Rep to help you set up to where you can accept credits, rather than recurring billing. I think credits are a fairly new feature. My husband is in the process of doing this for me so I don't know much about it personally... but I would contact support or your Sales Rep. They are usually really helpful!

    In the mean time, try looking under Account Info > Account Set Up
    xoxo ~ Sarah

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    Default Re: How to take CCBill for cam shows?

    CcBill pretty much did it for me. They created inkeeping buttons for my site and gave me the HTML code to put in. Email [email protected]. Xx

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    Default Re: How to take CCBill for cam shows?

    Definitely contact CCBill. Though their customer service is great, their backend is a nightmare and so is setting up subaccounts. It's soooooo time consuming. But yes, they'll pretty much do it for you if you call them.

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    Default Re: How to take CCBill for cam shows?

    Once you log into your CCBill account Client>Account No.>Account Name>Password the very first screen once it finally loads, you will make your cursor hover over ACCOUNT INFO. Once there a drop down menu appears. Select Sub Account Admin. (I have more than one). Wait a bit more. It can take several seconds because the CCBill server is super slow. If you only have one then select the account you have and then go to Create Forms. That's where you decide how you want your page to look. It will prompt you along. How to create an HTML form or a link. I have to go back in and create your own prices. Its been awhile since I did that. But it is possible. Or call them at 800-510-2859

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