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Thread: clips4sale vs own site

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    Default clips4sale vs own site

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this.

    My friend and I want to sell some of his videos. We were thinking of setting up a site of our own but saw that clips4sale was eaiser with the hosting and payment processing. Is clips4sale any good and do people make some money from it? We're not expecting to retire from it, just generate some extra money to maybe hire some girls to shoot videos with.

    So far his videos are with friends who agreed to do the vids. Are there any girls in mcallen tx that do amateur shoots? We got alot of interest in the vids partly due to him having a massive 11" dick which the girls freak out when the see it hang.

    We've already sold some videos but doing it though a site would make it alot eaiser.

    Any advice would help thanks!!

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    Default Re: clips4sale vs own site

    C4S is better IMO. They have the traffic you'll need to provide sales. There is a big hassle and start-up costs with building your own site.

    Be prepared to have documentation for each and every person/model you shoot with, and you and your buddy - and 2257 papers. (C4S has release forms you can print and sign to make that easier). Cover your ass in writing with each person you shoot with saying what happened in the video, the length, the date, you agree on it being sold for profit and who gets the split of the profit and you all need to sign and date it.

    You HAVE to have the above on hand. Because if a model/friend bitches, complains and says "this vid was stolen. i didnt agree to this being online." or "i want a cut of this money too", a customer complains that someone is underage, you could have police/C4S (whichever way you decide to sell from, site or C4S) bugging you up for legal ids and agreements and you don't have them, then you are in the shit.

    I know it sounds like a boar but porn+$$$+dick&chicks people get greedy and nasty. You make a 6 min cock sucking clip and some model hears that you made $400 off of her magic mouth - guess who's going to pitch a fit. It happens.

    But srsly do it so you don't end up in jail.

    Quote Originally Posted by PrincessLavender View Post
    And I agree with the "what r u in the mood for" I want to say "well actually I want to go to bed but I need to pay my electric bill so lets just go pvt so I can fake being turned on by a close up of ur penis on ur cam and get this over with"

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    Default Re: clips4sale vs own site

    Thanks for that! Yeah we figured about the ids but didn't know about the model release forms. Thanks!
    We don't mind paying for the girls time if. Anyone in TX interested? Or what about model sites?

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