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Thread: Your Experience with Drugs in Your Club

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    Default Your Experience with Drugs in Your Club

    I work at a very small club in a relatively small city. I think we have maybe 40 girls on staff, total, all shifts, all nights. So everyone really kind of knows each other, and it only takes a few dancers screwing up to really change the work dynamic.

    I've worked in clubs before where drugs were an issue, but I've honestly never seen it like an epidemic before. Usually the druggie girls were already druggies before they were even hired, and they just used dancing to feed their habit. But my current club isn't like that. Instead, in the past few months I've seen a lot of the young, new girls suddenly take to cocaine like nothing else. These girls are in their late teens or very early 20's and most have never danced before this club, and most have been here less than a year. And all of the sudden it seems like any given night, half the girls are high to the point where customers are noticing and asking me about it, and I've never had this before. I've never actually done coke myself--originally it was something I wanted to try, but after seeing what is happening to all of these girls, I never want to touch the stuff. Most of them were very nice, sweet, slightly naive girls, often somewhat timid, and in the span of a few months I've seen them morph into hard, angry, bitchy, entitled, volatile, cutthroat dancers. Their interactions with the customers are causing some problems--they've started trashing other dancers, demanding dances, and if a customer turns them down they ridicule and go off on him before stalking away. If it was a big club it probably wouldn't make a difference, but with a club this size it's really obvious. And what's worse, these girls aren't picky about where they're getting their coke, so we're suddenly having an influx of dealers showing up to try and sell their product to all the girls--which, of course, is just making it more available, not to mention the fact that it's bringing a very undesirable element into the club. We're way too small for that. We're also way too small for the manager to just fire all the obviously high girls--it would cut some of our night shifts in half.

    What have your experiences been with drugs in your club? How do you deal with it, and how (and can) you do damage control with the customers who are bothered by it?

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    Have you considered bring this up to the manager? He could lay down the law... I don't mean that he would fire them... but maybe they need a strong warning to tone it down. It is the manager's responsibility to make sure his club isn't full of illegal activity.
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    Default Re: Your Experience with Drugs in Your Club

    ^What Sophia said.

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    Hm. Lots of young naive dancers all at one club all all of a sudden hooked on coke? I smell a pimp or two hiding out somewhere...not neccessarily in the club, could be he has a few girls who already are working for him who are pushing his drugs. Not all, but most of the girls who have offered me drugs at work are pushing for their "man" and subsequently using it to get closer to you. I say this because you mentioned that it is particularly the younger, timid girls, who are usually the first targets for this kind if scum...I would definitely mention it to your manager and see if he does could be a much deeper problem than just drug use. As for what to do about the customers: use it to your advantage and SELL the fact that you are a clean, drug-free dancer. Mirror their reaction to it (if they are disgusted, say you are also, if they think it's a waste of money, agree, if they think it's irresponsible, tell them all about how you have your shit together, etc). If a customer seems upset by a rude coked out dancer, offer to cheer him up with your delightful personality and a bit of fun to take his mind off things
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    Default Re: Your Experience with Drugs in Your Club

    Honestly the situation your describing actually happened to me. I was young, naive and 19 years old when I started working at my first club. I had never even stepped foot into a club before I started working and within a few months I started doing coke for the first time. I had so much stress between school, dancing and money (obviously drugs only made this worse) that I started doing coke on the daily. There were always the party girls there but I definitely took things farther then they did and became known as the "druggie". It seemed like everyone was doing drugs back then and I'm sure it showed. It was honestly the worse time in my life and it lasted a little less than a year. I had a pretty rough wake up call and stopped immediately and never went back to that club, but I could never go back if you paid me just because of the awful memories I made myself there. This was 7 years ago and even typing this made me kinda sick...
    Anyways, I would venture a guess that it might only be a phase. With drugs comes instability and I doubt any of these girls will be able to continue doing what their doing. Eventually they won't be able to work because they're too sketched out, will get fired for an outburst or will just flat out stop. Money will start to get too tight for them and they'll either wake up or fall even harder. I would definitely tell your manager to maybe start cracking down on them a bit, since it is being noticed by customers. Also because they are so caught up doing coke, use the that as an opportunity to work harder and make more.

    Maybe if your friendly or have a relationship with any of the girls, you could try talking to them. I would voice your concern to some of the nicer girls who have taken a bad turn and let them know your concerned about her (if you can do it without sounding too motherly or patronizing). I know I could have really used a more mature dancer that I trusted to help me give me give my head a shake. But really, your there to make money and not babysit...

    But I would definitely try to ride it out a little longer unless it starts to affect your money.

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