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    hey y'all, I was initially gonna post this in cc but I figured it would be better to write this here considering Isobel and I routinely kick spammers out of that section

    I run an independent Skype camgirls listing directory that's doing well and has some steady paying traffic. The site is .

    Each profile is 100-300 words, you can write your own or just send me the info in jot notes and I can write it. The site has good fetish traffic so also send me a list of the fetishes you practice, if any, and I can write it. I'll also need one or two pics to include on your profile (watermarked is fine). I'll also need your desired links (your website, c4s studio, etc). If you don't see your main fetish areas listed please send em anyways, I'm expanding the categories to suit the needs of the listees so those are a work in progress as well. The only requirement is that you have to be an established independent camgirl (your own website and payment processing) and I do require a backlink, beyond that it's a free directory and it will stay free. If you're interested hit me up at [email protected].

    for more info go to:

    peace and $$$$
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