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Thread: A Coffee table book exploiting strippers

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    Default A Coffee table book exploiting strippers


    The links to the book on Amazon and the pictures from the book are above.
    So this photographer in New Orleans is peddling this coffee table book about strippers in New Orleans on Amazon for $55. In her synopsis she says, "I started this project expecting the strippers to be mere objects. I finished knowing these women as human beings." So her big discovery is that strippers are people too. Gross and typical. Also, I don't even think the photos are of a club on Bourbon. The women are bottomless and New Orleans is topless only. I gave the book a bad review on Amazon.

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    Default Re: A Coffee table book exploiting strippers

    From her website, " I choose Friday nights, better known as date night in the Crescent, to penetrate the fantasy, harshness, and humanity of the stripper’s world; to become a witness to the reality of their “otherworldly” existence." Lmao, she sounds like a naturalist going to spend a night in a jungle somewhere.

    The amazon review about souls leaking out of their eyes is pretty amusing also.

    I say good, keep thinking we are so "otherworldly" and keep the mystery and smoke and mirrors. And let these types think we are so sad and beneath them.. If they think they have beat us they will never be tempted to join us.

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