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Thread: SkyPrivate New Payment Option?

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    Default Re: SkyPrivate New Payment Option?

    Quote Originally Posted by Twisted Perverse Goddess View Post
    I NEVER received my ETH payout.

    They send me a copy of a transaction being send.
    Binance has no record of it / cannot retrace it.
    I wrote on here about this issue.
    I'm sorry it happened to you too.
    Did you ever receive your funds? Honestly at this point I would only trust to get paid from SkyPrivate or CamModelDirectory if you have your account through Boleyn Models. It seems that everyone is having payment issues.

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    Default Re: SkyPrivate New Payment Option?

    I see SP introduced discord. Are there any customers using it, is it worth to make one or should I just go on with only skype? Thanks x

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    Default Re: SkyPrivate New Payment Option?

    Quote Originally Posted by Meowii View Post
    Yooo, is anybody else having problems getting paid thru skyprivate? im quite literally about to have a mental breakdown about this... been working my ass of lately on both cmd and skyprivate cos i have some debts i need to pay, had $180 coming my way from skyprivate, sent them as ETH, and they sent it but as USDT, the amount i was supposed to receive in ETH (0.11247), which we all know is a fraction because the price of the token, in USDT ( 1 usdt = 1 dollar) so what have i received from the $180? 0,11 cents...
    i have contacted support cos at the start i thought they havent even sent it, a girl got back to me showing me that the transaction has been made, not acknowledging the error, i get it ,that can happen, (even tho i feel like they havent even read what i said otherwise they would have noticed that they sent the wrong token) but they are taking sooo long getting back to me again and im starting to freak out, whats worst is that ETH got down around 15% from the time i sent the money, and im also loosing money cos i need to wait for this to arrive so i can convert both the amount i received from CMD and skyprivate without being charged twice... i think that in this case they should correct the amount because its unfair that i will be receiving less than i was supposed to because of a mistake on their end and how the days keep passing by without me getting the money i worked for, idk, i hope someone from support sees this and can help me out because its quite urgent...
    last month i also had problems with the payment taking too long to arrive cos they didnt approved it on their end and had to contact support again...
    seems like every month theres a problem, i really hope they can work on this, i have lots of customers from indie and i dont wanna loose that but i dont know if i feel safe with the way they are handling things

    I just read another thread on here where someone said SkyPrivate told her they're not gonna pay her until she's reached a payout minimum of $200, and I'm just stunned. I really did not think their payout minimum was so freakin' high (I thought it was $50?). I've been with Boleyn Models daily pay for a while, so their payout minimum is much less.
    I turn 40 on August 15th!

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