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Thread: hustling men on Wealth men dating websites--do-able?

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    Default hustling men on Wealth men dating websites--do-able?

    In the distant past I've had success getting sugar daddies off of sugar daddy/sugar baby dating websites. These were wealthly, often conservative men who would give girls gifts for nothing or pay a girl's tuition in exchange for sexual services, and the girl wound up getting more money than a high end escort. However, soon media discovered the sugar daddy websites, and all the losers started using it.Then, I discovered dating websites for verified millionaires.
    My goal is to get money out of these guys. I dont mind sleeping with them, but of course preventing that from happening as long as possible as long as they are ponying up the money (which would be above the rate of upper end escorts here in my city), getting tested, etc. I also would not factor out a real relationship with them but I DO NOT want to waste my time and give them free sex by "vanilla dating them' and then having them dump me. In an arrnagment, at least i got money out of it, so i dont feel bad or used.

    So, should I tell these men that I want an arrangement up front? Would that scare them? Or is it better to waste time and hope I snag a whale by playing them under the guise that I am really just a regular girl, and giving him free dates (no sex)? What I am really thinking is that I would like to consider you for a relationship becuase I'd love to be a rich housewife but I dont want to waste my youth on something that may or may not pay off so in the meanwhile pay me a bunch of money and then i'll consider sleeping with you? If you want me for a relationship you need to pay me while we are vanilla dating! (and of course, thereby afterwards...)

    I honestly do not know what these men are looking for. Are they looking for true love? If so, why not be on eHarmony? Why are they on and such? Are they looking for an arrangement with a hot girl? If so, why are they on and not on seekingarrangment? I just don't get it.

    Anyways, I created a profile and have had several men introduce themselves. It seems as though they tailored their introduction to match what I said on my profile, which basically said I'm looking for a great guy who is intelligent and adventours. I made no mention of looking for arrangement, marriage, looking for ture love....etc. And the men that responded made no mention of that either. Instead, their response includes scanned newspaper clippings of events they hosted and houses they bought, deals they merged....etc etc.

    I'm not sure how to approach them with replies. I bascially want an arrangement. If they want a real relationship with me, well, then you can pay me during the time we are testing each other out since It's an oppurtunity cost to me when I'm spending time with you when I could be making money stripping.

    I"m just not sure how to approach this whole thing. At least on the seeking arrnagement website, it is out in the open what these men are looking for, if you were able to sort those the millions or loser and imposters!
    Of course, i will NOT tell them I'm a stripper But I dont' want to waste time dating these men in hopes of getting money our of them when I could make money stripping! But then, I'm tempted becuase when you do snag one of these men, it pays off more then week's worth of stripping money!

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    Default Re: hustling men on Wealth men dating websites--do-able?

    Missenvy, I have a couple of tips for you

    1. Never have sex with those men until you are happy with the arrangement
    2. Always discuss the cost of your lifestyle with them.
    3. Always have more than one
    4. Never used "vanilla dating sites" for these arrangements
    5. Always make men pay in one form or another to have sex with you
    6. Create a nave personal for your sugar daddy
    7. Create an illusion for your sugar daddy
    8. Never used E-harmony for these types of sites
    9. Always show class and taste when dealing with these men.
    10. Always make sure you get paid for your companionship toward them.

    I hope this helps you at all times when dealing with these men.

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