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Thread: My Last Shift...

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    Default Re: My Last Shift...

    ^ It makes me sick that the stupid Vegas license ( work card and business license combo ) is $300.
    Barf. As it everyone doesn't pay enough already .

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    Default Re: My Last Shift...

    My last shift was so slow at beginning of night everyone was not spending, all girls sitting around and then my old regular from before Covid came in, mind u I work fri n sat nights so I never really wanted this regular but since it was slow I sat drank n talked n did 2 15 minute blocks w him, we only get 125 for 15 minutes now which ain’t ish but when I was done w him n he left the rest of the customers were like where u been all night…?? And got rooms n dances ever since he left, even w all that I still left w less than I would want and lately it’s been super slow for me some nights, I just don’t enjoy it unless I’m banking

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