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Thread: My First Strip Club Experience (Tell me about yours, too!)

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    Default My First Strip Club Experience (Tell me about yours, too!)

    I don't know where to post this and it's probably going to seem strange, but I had such a great time last night, I just HAD to share it...and why not post it here?
    So here is what went down last night and why I thought it was the bee's knees:
    I was very nervous about going to my first strip club because I didn't know what to expect. I guess most people don't. It was a nice place. Clean, with an awesome theme and nice atmosphere. It was really slow all throughout the night, however. Me and a few of my friends weren't very sure of how things worked so we just stayed off to the side a bit until we got brave enough to sit closer to the stage. We started off tipping well...and I wasn't really expecting anything in return for tipping. I just wanted to show my when my hand was grabbed by the dancer and led across her awesome pair of tits, I was kinda surprised and I felt stupid for it. Though I am a pansexual that has briefly dated women in the past, I've never had sexual experiences with them...I got my first real boob in a strip club and I'm proud lol. I just kept smiling like an idiot every time a girl invited me to touch her. I felt no better than the virginal teens staring intently into the spread legs of the stripper on the other stage as if her vagina was the holy grail. As a camgirl, one would think this wouldn't be that exciting for me. But these women oozed sex appeal and knew just how to wield it better than I ever could in real life.
    Each dancer did something different when you tipped them. Sometimes there was a pussy flash and some touching and sometimes it was boobs in the face, but I tipped one kick-ass girl in particular who came up to me, lifted up my shirt and bra and totally tongued my titty in front of everyone...My guy friends were confused and turned on all at once lmfao. But at the end of the night, one of the patrons of the club came up to me and complimented my breasts. So that was great. One girl stripped to a Dio song, and that automatically was a reason for me drop some more cash lol. Another girl I tipped put her legs on my shoulders so her pussy was in my face and it sucked...because my hair got caught under her leg and was getting pulled. Also, this place had a kitchen that served loaded fries and I swear to God they were the best I've ever had. Some guys in the group bought private dances for eachother, a couple of them ran up a pretty good tab, and at one point, I got caught up talking to a performer who was also a camgirl, so overall, it was a really great night that lasted into the morning...and was totally worth everything.
    I would definitely go back again. And hopefully, I won't be smiling like an idiot next time. : )

    What was your first strip club experience like?

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    Default Re: My First Strip Club Experience (Tell me about yours, too!)

    Smile. I did the last time I went.

    My first strip club was a small, divey, pasties place in Nevada on the border of Utah.
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    Default Re: My First Strip Club Experience (Tell me about yours, too!)

    my first time, i went in trying to apply for a waitressing job, when i really wanted to strip but was too pussy..i walked in and it was so dark and so loud and the was overwhelming for somebody who had never even been in a dance club let alone a strip club. the manager convinced me to strip insead so i sat and watched a dancer putting her pussy into guys faces and thought " omg!! how explicit! where's the pole dancing? wtf is this?". lmao, yeah pre-newbie..

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    Default Re: My First Strip Club Experience (Tell me about yours, too!)

    My first time in a strip club I was speechless! Never before had I seen anything like it. I don't remember exact details as it was so long ago but what I do remember was:

    Sexy women walking around topless.

    Sexy women eating each other on stage.

    Getting hit on by a sexy but married man for the first time.

    Getting French kissed by a goth stripper.

    Like I said speechless and this club was totally wild.

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