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Thread: Couples (Boy/Girl & Girl/Girl) Hustles?

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    Default Couples (Boy/Girl & Girl/Girl) Hustles?

    Ok, so I apologize in advance if there is a thread already started on this. I did some searching and found nothing....

    So, I am doing my first Girl on Girl show tonight and was just wondering if you have any advice or experiences you want to share with me. I have an idea that I actually saw on a different girl on girl show that we are going to use to get the momentum of the room up but ultimately we want to have a higher token amount for the show because we are splitting the $ BUT i dont want to scare the custies away with such a high countdown amount. Also, if you have any other general ideas or games feel free to share!

    Thanks ladies

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    Default Re: Couples (Boy/Girl & Girl/Girl) Hustles?

    Don't worry about scaring the custies. Girl Girl ALWAYS sells even if its tame, as long as you and said girl have good chemistry. To be safe though, make your goals whatever you charge normally [ so let's pretend you charge $50 to get naked] add another girl [$50] then shave it a lil [ esp if the girl is inexperienced. But even if she isn't shave the $ a lil since you've never had a g/g] Then you can see how much people WANT to see you and your lady friend doing stuff and adjust accordingly =D
    [shrug] you can usually gauge if the room is into what you're doing together pretty quick. In my experience girl/girl shows are awesome. I never do anything sexual with other girls on cam [besides some light petting, spanking and MAYBE a makeout for lotsa $] but it sells because the customer WANTS to see it. I stick with the sleepover fun type of shows. Just be two girls having a good time

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