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Thread: Pornhub Amateur Model Can Earn 5k

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    Default Re: Pornhub Amateur Model Can Earn 5k

    PornHub now offers Direct Deposit!

    Quote Originally Posted by PrincessLavender View Post
    And I agree with the "what r u in the mood for" I want to say "well actually I want to go to bed but I need to pay my electric bill so lets just go pvt so I can fake being turned on by a close up of ur penis on ur cam and get this over with"

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    Default Re: Pornhub Amateur Model Can Earn 5k

    Quote Originally Posted by JessRyan View Post
    geez, that's why if I ever mention what I make, I don't lie...or I don't say anything. I hardly sign on to my PH anymore, but still get a check every month. I do less than $200 a month, but I'll take it. I still don't why some camgirls are listed as pornstar accounts, and I'm not? I've never got an answer from support when I asked about that. So...whatever. If support sucks, I lose interest other than endorsing a check. I'm always interested in that. LOL
    I'm really curious when the selling platform opens up. I'll add videos if it looks like a money making gig. whaaa? who the heck IS ARIA?? Strange...
    I'm doing over $500 a month on xvideos.
    Hi Jess!

    We worked together when I lived in L.A.

    I am planning a trip to L.A./Vegas again soon--we should definitely work together again!

    Just wanted to say hi, and I agree with you.

    I haven't logged into PH in so long because even though I had tons of followers and views, I wasn't making crap.

    If it's not making me money, I forget about it :/

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    Default Re: Pornhub Amateur Model Can Earn 5k

    Quote Originally Posted by o0Pepper0o View Post
    I like how even though they answered some questions...they were vague. I mean $50-150 in what amount of time? A week? A month? A year??

    I want more specifics for this for sure... esp with pornhub. THEY'RE HUGE.
    It depends on the popularity of if your vid as to how long it will take to make money and how much..

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