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    Thumbs up C4S condensed

    I know the c4s thread is incredibly long, and not everyone has time to comb through all 60 something (currently) pages, so I thought I would go through the thread and post the questions from it so the same stuff doesn't keep popping up, making the thread even harder to wade through. Half of it is everyone asking whether or not people have gotten paid.
    1. To sign up you need to fill out the forms here ( the bill sent in doesn't have to be a utility bill, just anything with your real name and address on it. Put your work email down, it will show on every guy's receipt. Unless you want a studio with a bunch of models working for you, choose an individual not business account.
    2. When it's approved you will need ten unique clips (not just different formats), they can be cut up into the minimum two minutes and a full version etc. then email support [email protected] to let them know they're up and then you can accept credit card payments
    3. Follow the rules, you never know when jealous competition will report you:

    • Intentionally Violating Rules - No content (clips, videos or images) can be sold on Clips4Sale that intentionally violates our stated Rules and Regulations (Ex. You can not knowingly sell a clip with our services the violates any of our rules and then provide a "full, uncut" version outside of Clips4Sale via email or other means, etc.). If you are found doing this your studio and/or master account (all studios) may be permanently closed and/or terminated.
    • No Underage Material Real or Simulated (ex., sex with dolls) - All actors must be and appear 18 years of age or older in any clips, videos or images.
    • No Horror/Snuff - You cannot act out someone being maimed or killed in any clips, videos or images.
    • No Necro (necrophilia) - You cannot have sex with dead people in any clips, videos or images.
    • No Blood - There cannot be any blood or simulated blood shown in any clips, videos or images.
    • No Asphyxiation - You cannot suffocate or insinuate altering someone's breathing in any way (ex., choking, strangulation, hanging by the neck etc.) in any clips, videos or images.
    • No Animal Sex - There cannot be any sex with animals. Please make sure there are no any animals at all in the clips, videos or images.
    • No Forced Sex - You can not imply someone is being forced to have sex against their will in any clips, videos or images.
    • No Non-consensual Sex - You can't show someone having sexual intercourse against their will or without their knowledge (ex., they are passed out or sleeping, i.e., their eyes are closed) in any clips, videos or images.
    • No Hardcore Bondage with Sex - You cannot have someone fully bound (both arms and both legs) and penetrate them in any way. No full bondage with penetration of any kind. If someone has all four (4) limbs bound, they cannot be penetrated in any clips, videos or images.
    • No Vomit - You can not show any vomit in any clips, videos or images.
    • No Scat (feces) - There cannot be any feces or simulated feces in any clips, videos or images.
    • No Pissing/Peeing (urine) - There cannot be any peeing on other people or show someone consuming urine in any clips, videos or images.
    • No Fisting - There cannot be vaginal fisting or anal fisting in any clips, videos or images.
    • No Chloroform - You cannot use or imply using any type of chemical to render someone unconscious in any clips, videos or images.
    • No Weapons - There can be no weapons shown on Clips4Sale in any clips, videos or images. This includes prop/fake weapons.
    • No Drugs - There cannot be any drugs shown on Clips4Sale in any clips, videos or images.
    • No Intoxication - Someone cannot be intoxicated during sex in any clips, videos or images. This includes, but is not limited to: Alcohol and all other substances that cause intoxication or can cause someone to be considered as being under the influence.
    • No Crushing - There is to be no crushing of any animals in any clips, videos or images. Such as, but not limited to: crabs, lobsters, spiders, fish, scorpions, lizards, etc.

    4. You can accept payment by wire ($20 in U.S, $45 international), check, or ACH (direct deposit, no charge in U.S). They pay out once a month on the 7th.
    5. You can have multiple stores open, just go to open a studio again but don't send in your forms since they already have them. You can't have the same clip in more than one of stores.
    6. Keep at it, no one can tell you what clips will sell, one person can bank in a fetish and another won't make a dime there. Constant updates is the only way to be noticed in the thousands of other clips, give it time.
    7. check under the "stats" tab to see where your hits are coming from. That can tell you where you're being noticed (and occasionally where your pirated work is hiding)
    8. RESEARCH YOUR FETISH. The most important part besides consistent updating, common places to look into are,, or simply googling the fetish you want to break into. Message boards are great for research, ideas, and advertising. If you show you have a real handle on the fetish it will make a massive difference in the money you make.
    9. Leave your email address in an easily found spot, guys won't contact you to order custom videos if they have to look too hard for your email. You can sell it directly on the store for the asked price, or accept outside payment and give them a download link (camredeem is a pretty big favorite, also dropbox. mediafire doesn't allow adult content and isn't secure, even with a password)
    10. There is a difference between a custom video, and an exclusive that can't be resold. That should be reflected in your price.
    11. You can record your video with your webcam, HD sells best, and don't underestimate good lighting. There are many editing programs, windows movie maker is arguably the worst, and adobe premiere pro is the higher end option.
    12. GIF's can be made online (like or by downloadable programs and photoshop (best for GIFs that run like movies)
    13. Crossposting (having a single clip listed in multiple categories) is allowed within reason, the general rule is only two categories, and they have to actually fit (don't direct people to your clip that's nose blowing if they want foot fetish) simply convert the clip (with a program like this or Smart Converter), and change the name and category before posting.
    14. Google some HTML, it will make your store and descriptions stick out
    15. If you want another model in your clips that's fine, just keep a model release form that they've signed and a copy of their ID handy in case. Just remember it's a FETISH site, there isn't much market for vanilla stuff.
    16. Chargebacks are actually rare there, once someone does a chargeback they're banned from the site until they pay it back. Also if you know a customer who is sharing your clips, they will ban them. They're cool like that.
    17. You can post your c4s videos on any other site you want. They don't care.
    18. If you have questions and don't want to email support Sarah from c4s is on here, and is really helpful (
    19. The general concesus seems to be that member sites are a waste of time, and just an opportunity for more piracy.
    20. You can have links to whatever you'd like, twitter etc. as long as you link back to c4s on the site.
    21. C4S isn't like camming, it's passive income but it also takes a bit of extra time. Browsing categories, researching for ideas etc. If you can't decide on something to do, just browse.
    22. Don't accept tributes as payment, it's against the rules and if the guy wants to chargeback and c4s finds out they could close your store.
    23. No geo blocking
    24. It's a 60/40 split in the studio's favor, prices automatically set at the length of the clip plus 99 cents (5 minute clips = 5.99)
    25. You can let your newest clips on the top of the list, or choose to number your clips. In that case they ALL have to be numbered.
    26. Watermarking is allowed, and a good idea. Someone clever told me to put my email address as my watermark in case someone from a tube site etc. sees it and wants to email you (good for tracking stolen clips)

    More coming soon, but going through 33 pages is enough for me tonight!
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    Default Re: C4S condensed

    Just found this doing a google search and it's been super useful so I'm gonna bump it (although probably some of the rules have changed/aren't relevant anymore ) =) x

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    Default Re: C4S condensed

    I wouldn't use this.

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    Fair enough Classy_Katy, will have to keep researching. Thanks!

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