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Thread: Please Read. Some Changes to Picture Post...

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    Default Please Read. Some Changes to Picture Post...

    Picture post is intended to be a place for members to post interesting and fun photographs. The intent was never for this section to become nothing more than a place to post pictures of naked women. There are plenty of places on the internet to view nudity and porn-Stripper Web was never intended to be one of them. At this point we feel that it is time to move away from what has become a trend of posting the same stuff over and over again. Going forward we will be watching what goes up in picture post with an eye toward concerns over possible copyright and 2257 violations. Explicit photographs of genitalia (female or male) or sexual acts will not be permitted as they represent possible legal issues for the site.

    We would like to remind all members that you should not hesitate to report photographs that you find offensive. All issues will be reviewed.

    Lastly, there will be absolutely NO photographs depicting children of any age in any sort of implied sexual situation. Any member who violates this rule will be pointed immediately.
    Quote Originally Posted by Katrine View Post
    yoda, I want you so bad it aches in the swimsuit area.
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    Sophia_Starina is a sensible stripper...Naked all the way.....
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    Double team! 2 latinas with big tits!!

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