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Thread: Dancing in Portland, Oregon??

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    Dizzy Dancing in Portland, Oregon??

    Hi! I'm a seasoned dancer currently located in SF. I've been out of the biz for a year, but am considering making a move up to Portland and was wondering what the business is like? I've worked in Boston, RI, Atlantic City and SF for a spell. However I'm not great on stage right now -- I'm out of practice after an injury last year that left me unable to dance. Now that I've recovered, I'm hoping to find a spot where I can get my stage groove back in a timely fashion but will hire me regardless of my inability to perform pole tricks at the moment. I'm looking for a clean club where I'll make at least an average of $250 per shift after fees. It is very important to me that I dance to my own music!! I don't mind fully nude stage clubs but don't want to do fully nude dances. And absolutely No extras!

    I am not tattooed or pierced, and am a 5' tall dead ringer for Audrey Hepburn. I'm 32B, thin but have a round thick butt -- I do have extremely fair skin.

    I've never been to Portland -- generally I just kinda land in cities I like for whatever romantic notion and pick the highest rated reviewed club on Yelp to work at... But there are SO MANY in pdx to choose from I don't really know where to begin, any advice helps!

    Thank you ladies!!!
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    Default Re: Dancing in Portland, Oregon??

    Hey, welcome around! We have a lot of information on clubs here, so mosey on over to Club Reviews to browse through the plethora of clubs in Portland, and run a search for Portland (or the names of specific clubs you have in mind) here in Club Chat where you posted this.

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    Default Re: Dancing in Portland, Oregon??

    Yes, I'd highly recommend running some searches on here for Portland, as it's one of the most frequently reviewed areas on SW:
    Advanced searching: (restrict your searches to Club Chat)

    From what I've read, I believe that an average of $250 is asking a bit too much of Portland. I'm sure it's possible to have higher-earning nights, but I'm fairly certain that Portland is a very stage-heavy city with high expectations for performances. There are tons of clubs, which means that customers are spread thinly throughout the city. And there are tons of girls - it sounds like many dancers in Seattle drive down to Portland due to Seattle's restrictive licensing policies, heavy extras, few club options, and super-high house fees.

    I've read that it's a fun city to dance in, and that you can make fairly consistent money, but earnings of about $100/night are the norm. Of course, this does depend on your hustle to some degree, but I know some SW hustlers have made it up to Portland, and while they had a blast, they were disappointed with the money. That said, I honestly think there's something beautiful about being able to dance in clubs that are fun clubs. I mean, if you're having fun working, you'll probably end up working more shifts, so you may be able to make the money you need due to consistent working. I've worked in clubs where I could make $1k/night, but then you're too burned out for the rest of the week to work. Balance is good. I would just keep your expectations realistic.

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    Default Re: Dancing in Portland, Oregon??

    I'll second everything Charlie said. I'm not a big fan of Portland for dancing. That said- your look sounds like you'd do great anywhere, but probably very good there (it can be an advantage to NOT have tattoos, there is so much of the suicide girl look going there...) Don't expect much money, it's just not really there. I worked at union jacks which I do not recommend for you because they were pretty intense on pole tricks and 'the show'. You could try Magic Gardens, they are a super tiny dine & do not even have a pole, but the money was pretty crap when I was there. Then again, if you can just charm that one guy...

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    If you get on the better shifts at magic gardens if can be a great place. It was my favorite club in Portland and I worked in Portland for five years. It might take you a few weeks of working awful midshifts, although with the right regulars those can be good. It is probably the cleanest club I worked at in PDX. The girls are all very interesting and have great taste in music. I think I got tipped for my playlist almost every shift. It was a very relaxing place to work but if you were willing to hustle a little bit it could be great. The woman who runs the place likes polite friendly girls. I have a lot of respect for her. I think the key to Portland is working at two different clubs and getting set up with regulars. They don't have a pole there either and Portland is a very pole focused city so you won't feel like the odd man out not doing any tricks. Good luck message me if you are curious about anything else

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    Default Re: Dancing in Portland, Oregon??

    I live and dance in Portland. I work day shifts and make excellent money, but it takes a while to get to that point. I've got dozens of regulars I see every month and it took me about a month of working a steady schedule to build up a regular clientele. It is pretty easy to get hired here, but if you don't want to cultivate regulars, this can be a very low money city. PM me with any specific questions you may have about working around here. I've been working at just one club and am very happy there, but will be trying out some new places soon just to add some variety to my life.

    I'd love to have drinks or lunch or whatever when you come to town. Hit me up when you get here. It's a wonderful place to be a sex worker. We are respected here like any other artist.

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