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Thread: Vegas to NOLA anyone?

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    Default Vegas to NOLA anyone?

    I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the wrong section so sorry if I am or if we're not supposed to make posts like this but

    I'm a Vegas girl looking to make a strip trip out to NOLA and would like to find another dancer to split hotel costs and work with as I just looked up hotels and they are pretty expensive in the quarter. I have visited nola before and was able to check out clubs so I already know I want to work at penthouse and maybe Ricks. I'm looking to stay at least four or five days but potentially longer. Please pm me if anyone is interested in doing this in the next month or so.. Thanks

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    Default Re: Vegas to NOLA anyone?

    I'd go after mardi gras hotels will be much cheaper and You can priceline your whole package and get a good deal. That's what I do when I travel. I'd go but I don't like this time. I was always gone by mid feb.

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