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Thread: Am I THE only one that has turned into a hermit & suffers social anxiety?

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    Default Re: Am I THE only one that has turned into a hermit & suffers social anxiety?

    Quote Originally Posted by S.Dinero View Post
    I was followed home by a pack of men last month while I was with my child in my apartment complex. I don't want to say anything racially inflammatory because as a black woman I know how it feels to be discriminated against but this certain group of men are from a country that has a SERIOUS rape problem, not just with adult women but minors and animals so I am assuming that's why I was followed. They saw my child was with me and continued to follow me anyways. That's what really horrified me. I had my anxiety under control prior to this incident (as under control as you can have it???) I was going to the gym regularly, going to the pool every once and awhile, yoga/meditating. Not really going out or making friends but I was definitely getting there. I feel like I hit the reset button and it's so exhausting.

    I just stopped sleeping with a knife under my pillow a few days ago. I'm a single mom so it's just me and kiddo and no one to defend us if something were to happen again. I feel like those men had been watching me and my child and followed me for that specific reason. I mind my business don't talk to anyone I barely make eye contact with people in my complex. This past year has been the hardest of my 20 years of life. I went through a pregnancy alone, isolated myself from everybody out of shame hated those questions "where the dad" "are you married in a relationship ect." reminded me so much of the time I first entered the industry and isolated myself because no one understood what/why I was doing the work I was doing and bombarded me with those questions and tried to guilt trip me.

    It makes me sad people like this are out in the world and it also makes me sad that I am a shell of my former self.
    That's horrifying! I'm so upset that this happened to you, and KEEPS happening!
    I'm flashing back to over 30 years ago, when I was a dancer. Your age. I could write a book on the shit that happened to me.
    It makes us want to be more of a hermit, wherever men can't behave, or be civil.
    * You might want to check our the thread in the ladies only section about how to protect yourself.

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    Default Re: Am I THE only one that has turned into a hermit & suffers social anxiety?

    Girl. I would have flat out Told those motherfuckers to back off or I will murder them all and bury them in the street. Some choice words like that will typically scare fuckers off like that. If you assert yourself, like ive had to over the years, ive found men get fucking scared quick

    I may have mentioned this story before: so one night i was just getting off work at my vanilla job and went to walmart to pick up some food for the kids and it was 10:30 at night. pretty empty parking lot . im walking to my car and out of the corner of my eye i see this younger guy sprinting towards me diagonally across the parking lot, at first i thought he was going to ask me for money and i was like just ignore him and i kept ignoring him and he got right up on me like hey can i get your number? and i had my keys in my fingers i turned towards him so quick and told him to back the fuck up that's a good way to get killed. He got scared and immediately backed away.

    What kind of a dumbass tries to do that shit in the middle of the night and in walmart parking lot? TF .
    Your body is your temple.

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