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Thread: Camming and going to school, is it worth the risk? please help!

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    Default Camming and going to school, is it worth the risk? please help!

    Hi everyone

    ive been a webcam model on mfc for about 3 years now, mostly mfc im on a few other sites too. Im all over the internet (as expected) thanks to people recording shows and putting them on other pornsites without my permission etc. Im getting burnt out and tired of camming and miss working in the real world alot and interacting with people, I was planning on going to school early next year for Psychology to become a psychologist or biology im not sure yet between the two. Lately tho Ive been thinking is it even worth me going to school now? I mean I dont want to go to school and pay all that money and then get a job in my career choice and later on in life get found out from my past in camming and get fired and never be hired again. I love camming but I started when I was 18 and I was so stupid to never think of future consequences. Would you still go to school and risk the possibility of being found out later about your past or not even bother with school?

    Im so torn, I really want to go to school and get my degree and become a psychologist and give up camming when I have my degree but I dont want to go through all that just to possibily get fired down the road from something I love.

    Do any of you cam ladies have experience being a camgirl in the past and being found out from an employer and being able to keep your job? or did they let you go..?

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    Default Re: Camming and going to school, is it worth the risk? please help!

    Intelligently answering your questions requires a 'crystal ball' prediction regarding what sort of conditions will exist ~6 years down the road when you graduate, seek your professional license, and seek a 'professional' job ...

    - will increasingly common use of IRS record searches for tax documents ( like 1099's issued by adult webcam hosts ), facial recognition searches of internet images ( like pics / videos posted by adult webcam hosts or customers ), etc. make it impossible to keep an adult webcam work history a 'secret' from state professional licensing agencies and potential 'professional' employers ? If so, then an adult industry could be a 'negative' factor.

    - will a sluggish economic / employment picture still provide a 'jobs market' where the number of qualified applicants significantly exceeds the number of 'professional' jobs ? If so, then future 'professional' employers will continue to have the luxury of not hiring job applicants with 'questionable' attributes ... such as a history of adult industry work.

    I would also point out that camming is not illegal ... thus no state professional licensing agency can prevent you from becoming licensed to work in your 'professional' field as a result of a camming work history. However, a psychologist with an adult industry work history might have great difficulty being hired by a suburban school system or religious affiliated hospital ... whereas a psychologist with an adult industry work history might be 'welcomed' by a state prison hospital, an inner city school system, etc.

    At the bottom line, a decision to pursue a degree in Psychology will involve the investment of many thousands of hours of study, as well as the investment of well over $100,000 in tuition costs. Thus a fairly significant 'gamble' is involved when trying to predict what sort of 'professional' options may or may not be available when you graduate. And lacking an accurate prediction, it's impossible to assess whether investing all of those study hours and all of those tuition dollars will be 'worth it' !

    Also, not meaning to play 'devil's advocate', but part of that equation also includes a factor called 'lost opportunity cost'. In terms of direct costs, pursuing a Psychology degree will likely involve $100,000+ in direct tuition payments. But devoting thousands of hours toward college studies will also mean NOT devoting thousands of hours toward camming ... thus resulting in tens of thousands of dollars of potential camming income being 'lost'. So in that sense, the total 'cost' of obtaining that Psychology degree versus continuing to cam on a regular basis might actually be $200,000+. Can that total 'cost' be paid back via the increased earnings as a future Psychologist ? Answering that question is impossible, since an accurate answer depends of what sort of Psychologist jobs might or might not be offered several years from now, the pay rate that will be associated with the Psychologist jobs which ARE actually offered, etc. An adult industry work history may factor in. But so may a whole bunch of other future 'unknowns'.
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    Default Re: Camming and going to school, is it worth the risk? please help!

    If you want to succeed in life, you must assume all your past. No matter it was good or bad.
    On a site like MFC, being recorded, especially in freechat, is expected.
    Others would say thanks for the free advertise, but you see it as a reason to stop doing your wishes and plans.This is NO!
    You should care for your own desires and goals and don't fear others will reject you. None of those fuckers who are judging you paid your studies, your rent, your bills, etc. Besides that, everyone masturbates. Usually, only frustrated people have something to say about camgirls.
    You can have your own business at some point, or use psychology studies to still work in webcam areas at non adult. U can make banks if you know how to manipulate members, verbally.Because the members who come on those sites, are, most of them, very weak people.
    Me, personally, I would love to do this in the future. For the moment I am just graduating university and I am not in the mood for school anymore.
    There are many oportunities.
    My main advice for you, is to focus on what you want and get it! You cannot hide forever. And in fact, what matters what others think about you?
    Just do your studies and focus on it, and later you will see what happens.

    PS: You can have your videos removed from the internet. It just takes time and a lot of patience.
    On every site, there is a DCMA section where you can report those videos. Of course, on some of the sites is more difficult (or impossible) to delete them, but on most of them it would be easy if u complete that form they have there. You are the owner of those videos and if you report that, they are forced to delete them.
    Good luck!
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    Default Re: Camming and going to school, is it worth the risk? please help!

    i've been online camming, porn and escorting for about 12 years now. I am 30 years old now.

    I've been outted at jobs and been told by jobs i am a conflict of interest. I am in college now i was really worried that my career in porn would be effected while I am pursuing my education. so I brought it up with my school counselor. I was encouraged and supported that my past shouldn't stop me from getting an education and the school has in place policies that are there to protect as to how effective they are I really won't know til I need to use them.

    There is honestly no way of knowing if you being online will effect you in your future career until you go out there and try and do something different. it might appear it might not but that shouldn't stop you from going after what you want to do.
    You have every right to go after your dreams, and just be prepared for the obstacles that might happen, that could be with anyone trying to change paths in their life. but they still push forward and get what they want.
    I've posted about this from an article I've read.
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