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The hell is a Lima doing in a desert??? My battle commanded a boat company out of Eustis. Took them to Antarctica and did some Over the Shore to the scientists down there. She was pissed they could never find a way to the real fight. Makes sense why you're good with a .50 though. Gotta hit all them floating targets lol. A lot easier when they don't bob.
What’s even more baffling is how I even became one, because I was always supposed to be a Mike. They wanted to reassign me, but the nearest units with 88Ls were too far away for me to reasonably travel for my ATs (especially for what I was paid as an E2), so they placed me operationally as an M, and figured they’d déclassé me at some point, though that never happened… my first AT, I had the “joy” of going to JRTC with a RA unit, my second had me supporting a ROTC function, and my final one had me driving FMTVs in Korea.

They liked to sit about 500 meters out and engage us from there. Apparently the M16s and M4a encountered difficulties at that range, but the M2 didn’t. Just kinda freaked me out a little when I’d see dents in the chicken plate afterwards.