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Thread: Sugaring to Escorting

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    Hey everyone! I really want to start escorting (full service GFE) and have set a goal to generate some money before this month is out, however, I wonder how one would go about this when one does not have reviews or know anyone participating in the form of SW I'm interested in? I have a website, set rates (based on the market), and everything else functioning and am used to screening as a SB. I have read that RS2K is the place to advertise in Chicago where I'm located, also P411 and Eccie is also good too. What would you girls say is the best place to advertise that would garner real results quickly (as in appointments)? Or reaching out to other providers to create a new network of SWs for myself? (besides here lol)

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    Google escorts or upscale escorts in Chicago whichever sites pop are more than likely the most sites utilized for advertising.

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    On a recent visit to Chicago I used P411 for extended dinner/evening dates and I didn't so much look at advertising as who'd logged in recently and who noted multiple hour rates. I don't like messaging to seek rates when I can just book the time and never have to discuss rates. Not sure if you consider that 'high class' the same as multiple hour type appointments, but it was four-$-figures for multiple-hours. I did look at ECCIE, but the 'community' and reviews always irritate me and I also googled some of the agencies just to get the lay of the land, but ultimately found 411 worked just fine.

    P411 recently removed their ads section and replaced it with Available Now - for immediate appointments. I've found I really use the feature for last minute appointments when I can't pre-book.

    Good luck making your earning goal on this.

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