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Thread: Cam Model/Future Dental Hygienist , Affect Future?

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    Default Cam Model/Future Dental Hygienist , Affect Future?

    I'm a freshman in college in the south. i'm an education major but about to start camming because im way in debt and have to support and my minimum wage is not cutting it. Im about to change my major though, because ill be camming, to dental hygiene. i'm only going to do camming throughout college and move up north when i graduate. And while i'm in college ill do an intership at my local dentist. Will this truley affect me? i know if i was a teacher it would be a no no. but for dental hygiene since i will be recommenced by my local dentist and do internship it would be fine, and plus i'll be a dential hygienist and not an actual dentist.
    And i dont plan on anything extreme while camming/not get to be well know, even though yes i know there is still a risk. and im not going to use my real name, location, and ill wear wigs and colored contacts to help hide my idenity. but the real quesion is, will it show on a background ground check, and will it matter if it is on my taxes? will they check/ see it?

    please and thank you! :]

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    Default Re: Cam Model/Future Dental Hygienist , Affect Future?

    Read this thread, and every link posted within:

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