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Thread: Getting a job during/after camming? back in the real world need advice....

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    Default Getting a job during/after camming? back in the real world need advice....

    Hi everyone

    Ive been working on mfc for about the last 3 years, and thats it. No side retail job or anything, just mfc. I want to go out and get an actual public job (part time) while I still mostly cam because I just want to have something to fall back on if cam one day fails and I can have something current on my resume plus I want to go out and meet new people in the new city i moved to.

    I have abit of a problem I feel....Im a huge hermit since ive become a camgirl, I dont talk to anyone or really have friends anymore same with family (hard to explain wont get into it, drugs/abuse etc trying to start my life over abit meet new people kinda thing) and I never kept in touch with previous co workers so I feel I dont have any chance to put any references down...I mean for references I can put my previous managers I feel but I havent worked for some of these places in like 4+ years some even 7 years. How would the managers even remeber me and if they do remember me what if they by chance found out I was a camgirl and refuse to talk about how I was as an employee for when I worked for them? Are you supposed to call your previous managers from tons of years ago and ask if you can put them down or do you just put them down anyways? what if they dont even manage there anymore then how will I prove I worked there then if no manager can say anything about me?

    Any advice? haha I really feel I need to have a public job as a safety net when it comes to camming and im having a real hard time gettting my foot back in the door. Any advice would be greatly appreciated <3

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    Default Re: Getting a job during/after camming? back in the real world need advice....

    I can count on maybe three fingers the number of ppl I have kept in touch w/ over the last 10+yrs. Both mates from uni. I still put down probably 95% of my vanilla job history, going all the way back to high school, bc the job experience is relevant.

    Damned if I even know whether the same mgmt is still at sm of those places. I just put down business names & phone numbers. I don't remember most boss names. One relocated & I have lost track of him, but his name+work history is find-able online if you check. Most of the others who knows.

    Another employer from my field was a shady-ass mofo (the main reason I quit working for him in the first place) & there is NO. THING. to be found on this guy. Nothing. He is a total freakin' ghost. I tried bc I wanted to be prepared in case he was brought up, bc I know it looks kinda fishy, but it was nvr mentioned.

    So just put down what you do remember. Unless it's sm kind of security- /clearance-requiring position, you should be just fine.

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    Default Re: Getting a job during/after camming? back in the real world need advice....

    I know it can't be easy, camming is a job that hardly anyone will vouch for or consider normal. I am a camgirl, I've done other jobs but nothing as good as to be your own boss. We put in a lot of work and personality into our camming job and I believe there is a lot of good that could be taken from it even for a 'normal' job.

    I say: be honest. If people ask what you've beendoing the past 3 years just say you were a webcam model! They will probably ask you what it is, and what you learnt from it. Just be honest! When youthink about it, we learnt the importance of advertising, of moral, linits, personal care, customer service standings, accounting, being your own boss and managing your hours, time and allowed you to do or be what you needed to be at the time

    There are a lot of good stuff about this job, as any others.

    Get out there, and show them!

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